Prom makeup for green eyes - photo ideas for a chic look

From time immemorial, a superstition has developed that green eyes are the inheritance of ancient witches and a sign of witchcraft. What myths they have not generated: about sweet-voiced mermaids and silver-winged fairies. Perhaps the ancestors were right, because green-eyed enchantresses are able to captivate any man caught in an emerald pool. It's scary to think how strong a cocktail will turn out if you choose the right makeup for green eyes. Especially prom makeup is an important event in life.

Contents of the article:

Emerald palette intrigues with multifaceted nature

Girls with a thrill of birds are preparing for the prom. The prom dress is selected, it remains to answer an important question - how to do makeup. Green-eyed ladies love warm colors. Autumn compositions will add a mysterious shine, or you can feel free to use golden shades from the heart, feeling like the queen of the evening.

Friends of the young lady are chocolate and copper shades that emphasize the depth of the look. As options for evening make-up, graphite and dark brown colors are in the lead among them, which favorably emphasize the iris.

Graduation in 2022 should remain a vivid memory, so why not experiment with a colorful scale? Any color conquers the green magic of the eyes. Makeup with shadows of malachite breed will look especially picturesque.

Young greens with turquoise sparkles under certain light will magically turn your eyes to blue. However, the main thing here is not to overdo it. Experienced makeup artists oppose cold and too black tones, which emphasize only their own foreignness on a light face.

Prom makeup for light green eyes is unique, because it does not require the application of shadows in dark colors, unlike the iris of saturated green. It is important to remember that the main feature of the evening make-up is mystery. She grabs the attention of others and allows you to shine. Light green eyes benefit from natural tenderness. It can be emphasized with natural shades, excluding saturated tone. Eyeliner and dark mascara will help add new notes to the composition.

For prom, choose pencil and shadows in the same color scheme. It is recommended not to apply the shadow completely to the entire eyelid, because the "butterfly wings" will not add attractiveness. Makeup should be solemn, but not buffoonish. A rich line should be applied along the border of eyelash growth, gradually turning to the eyebrows with shading, which dissolves to the natural skin color as shown in the step-by-step photo.

Step by step to the queen

When choosing makeup for the prom, a girl should be guided by the basic principle of applying shadows. For this purpose, you will need to choose three tones of the same color. The first reflects the darkness, the second is taken a little lighter, and the third adds attractiveness with a barely noticeable border. Then the instructions follow in stages:

  • Apply the darkest shade along the border of eyelash growth, slightly going beyond the outer corner of the eye;
  • The outer corner can be slightly raised to facilitate the task;
  • Next, the lower eyelid is painted as close to the eyelashes as possible, while shading the shadows;
  • The middle color should be applied over the original, fan-like revealing the color towards the eyebrow;
  • The brow line is painted with an almost transparent tone;
  • The finish is topped with a lump-free ink applied in several layers.

It's impossible to find the perfect combination for every green-eyed lady. It is better for girls to conduct an experiment in advance and choose their makeup colors for graduation. It may take some time, however, the result will surpass all expectations, making the faces of the girlfriends turn green with the correctly accentuated eye color.

Not all young beauties follow the path of Cinderella

Choosing a dress for prom comes first. And many ladies start from the color of the outfit and accessories by choosing an evening make-up. For example, a beige dress will perfectly accentuate the shadows of a golden color. In this case, you need to highlight the lips with a bright accent. Coffee-colored paints will also look tasty and relevant. However, a delicate pink composition, favorably emphasized by neat arrows, will help to achieve an innocent look.

The image of a passionate black cat attracts the eyes of scarlet lipstick and a mysterious smoky ice make-up. Only elegant dark shades are suitable for a black dress. Make-up in this case emphasizes the elegance of the chosen image.

Under a red dress, one should abandon the ghost of innocence and do not take into account gentle timid colors. They will look poor next to clothing the color of human blood. It is necessary to achieve a matte porcelain skin tone, which should be accentuated either on the eyes or on lipstick. In the first case, the depth of the gaze is highlighted with an eyeliner or black pencil, shading it with pastel shades. It is easy to focus on the lips - just tint the eyes with mascara, neglecting the rest of the makeup.

A make-up under a blue dress must be in harmony with the aristocratic position of this color. The silver scale will stand out in a bright way. A mysterious and enigmatic look can be created with nude makeup. In this case, you can advantageously emphasize green eyes with a soft pencil, slightly shaded with a cotton swab in the direction of the outer corner.

More timid and fragile girls can choose a cold look under a turquoise outfit. The shadows are chosen as light as possible to preserve the appearance of the ice duchess. An alternative option is a bold look under the dark smoky ice colors. Another option is to highlight the eyes with a "fish" using eyeliner, as shown in the step-by-step photo.

Experts recommend choosing sand and cream colors for a pink dress. Intriguing is the experiment with golden shadows drawn with a soft black pencil. The pearlescent color and shade of young cherry look beautiful in combination with green eyes.

The last and most excellent option would be a forest combination. Look great with mint eyes in combination with a green suit. The ideal color palette takes on the appearance of cream and coffee shades, proudly outlined with mascara lashes. Emerald fabric creates a unique composition with golden and deep purple hues.

Intricacy of shades

Brown-haired women conquer even metallic. Gold, bronze and copper are perfect for them. Dark hair paired with green eyes gives off brown eyeliner. You can also choose universal - purple shadows. Purple color accompanies green eyes as well as brown. And if you want to shade a rich emerald color, then they use pastel and peach tones.

Blondes, like the snow queens, are striking at the prom. Blonde hair is an exception and allows you to use turquoise tones for the evening. Dark purple eyeshadows are ideal for natural blondes. Tenderness and grace are the main advantages of this type of appearance. However, the focus should be unobtrusive. Makeup artists for graduation 2022 advise choosing brown eyeshadow with a dark golden tint.

Fiery foxes will conquer hearts with malachite and emerald shadows, outlined with a soft black pencil. The mesmerizing smoky ice is a topical color scheme that will emphasize the appearance.

Brunettes will be able to boast of a well-deserved prize at the evening. They are entitled to either gold or silver. By adding sparkles to the shadows, you can achieve a searing effect. Stunning beauties can use only mascara and eyeliner, surpassing girlfriends with natural beauty.

What can you whisper about in the end?

It is important to protect the skin from irritation before applying any makeup. Prepare your face by first cleaning and moisturizing with a special milk. Small imperfections can be perfectly hidden with a foundation, which should be fixed with a monochromatic powder. This procedure will remove excess unnatural shine, giving the skin a matte tone.

According to some experts, green eyes can do without a bright make-up because they are already expressive. Neat arrows in tandem with good mascara will surpass any imagination.