Rectangle Fit Type: Athlete, Model, Beauty

The figure is given at birth, and only then women love it, improve it or drive it into a tight framework, where it is uncomfortable, bad and absolutely not happy. As a result, your own body ceases to be liked and causes a lot of criticism. The rectangle shape type does not differ in feminine curves and mouth-watering shapes, but it is precisely this appearance that is considered model. If extra pounds or uncertainty interfere with noticing this, we will correct the situation. Only not by violence against nature, but with the help of clothing. A properly chosen wardrobe will teach you how to “make the waist” where you need it.

In this article:

Rectangle shape: characteristic features and subtypes

Sometimes it is difficult to determine your body type, since they are rare in their pure form. A measuring tape or a photo from the back in tight-fitting clothes will help. So, the physical examination showed:

  • the shoulders and hips are equal in width;
  • a very ghostly hint of the waist;
  • flat buttocks;
  • hands are thinner rather than full;
  • slender legs, without signs of the famous "ears" and other troubles.

Take it for granted, you have a rectangular shape. This type includes those who have a waist, but the difference with the hips is less than 20-22 centimeters. The shape is divided into two subtypes - Slim Column and True Rectangle. Let's consider their features.

Slim column:

  • tall;
  • asthenic physique;
  • angular shoulders;
  • small breasts;
  • thin arms.

These girls practically do not get fat. Even with the passage of age, their silhouette resembles a boyish one.

True rectangle:

  • medium or small;
  • large breasts;
  • slightly protruding belly;
  • ​​
  • while gaining weight, the torso increases, the bottom remains relatively slender;
  • The figure as a whole is somewhat masculine.

Height is optional. It can vary considerably in both groups. But the legs are usually slender and long.

What to hide, what to demonstrate?

Legs are not the only merit of a rectangle. A thin girl, as a rule, has a graceful shape of the shoulders and collarbones, a flat stomach, and has no tendency to form cellulite. Orange peel is not threatened even if the lady is plump enough. Excessive massiveness is compensated by a sports article, beautiful breasts, correct proportions.

Whatever one may say, the appearance is quite winning, and there is something to show the world. And most importantly, women with a rectangle shape type may not particularly limit themselves in choosing styles. Almost everything really suits them. It is much more difficult for embossed ladies (for example, pears) to choose clothes that fit their figure. There is only one problem here - the lack of a pronounced waist. We will solve it.

How to dress with a lean and full figure rectangle

Have patience, attention and start studying the answers to the burning question of how to make a waist using various wardrobe items. Clothing recommendations for lean and overweight rectangles will differ in only one aspect. Otherwise, the general direction is set.

Girls with a slender column type may well wear clothes with an emphasis on the waist - skirts with a wide belt, soft leather belts, and oversize style. But even with a slight excess weight, it is better to discard these parts or use with caution. So, let's start creating images for the rectangle shape.


Great Coco Chanel, extravagant Jacqueline Kennedy, elegant Princess Diana were also rectangles. But they knew how to dress tastefully and, of course, choose the styles of dresses. Learn from them: keep the dress short, long, slightly below or above the knee.

Suitable for everyday wear:

  • shirt and gown cut;

  • retro from the 20s and 50s;

  • sheath dress with peplum;

  • trapezoid and A-silhouette;

  • two-color with contrasting side panels;

  • little black dresses.

For festive occasions, choose original and romantic styles. Empire style and asymmetrical one-shoulder evening dresses will draw attention to the upper body. Slim legs allow you to wear mini and showy high cuts on floor-length models. An ideal complement would be a print or drapery that converges to the waist in the shape of an X.

Tops, tunics, cardigans

shortened, tight-fitting. Be careful with Empire gathers. The wrong length - and you are falsely pregnant. But the cut in the style of a blouson is suitable for tops and knitted blouses. It is better to wear blouses elongated, worn out, for the bold ones with an original addition - a corset on top.

Fitted turtlenecks - just under the jacket. But free democratic tunics - for all occasions. Oversized sweaters for slender ones, for the rest - slightly loose cropped models. Warm sweaters with a two-way zipper look interesting. Leave about 10 cm unbuttoned at the top and bottom, and now the H-silhouette has changed to a harmonious type X.

Smells, ruffles are suitable, V-shaped flounces and matching cutouts. The neckline can be oval, boat, fully opening the shoulders, but not round under the neck. Semi-fitted jackets, jackets with one button will be a good choice. The rectangles are not afraid of the length, which is dangerous for many, up to the widest part of the hips. It does not make the silhouette heavier, but softens.

Trousers, jeans, shorts

Baggy trousers will absolutely not add feminine curves and volume. It is better to emphasize neat buttocks with tight-fitting models, classic with folds, breeches, visually enlarge with pockets, embroidery. The baggy rule does not work for boyfriend jeans. The reckless model and the rectangle shape are just made for each other.

Any jeans fit - skinny, classic, flared. The same applies to trousers and shorts. The most varied length, width, texture, except for thin fabrics, fit perfectly on this type of figure. Only landing should alert. Classic and too low are not suitable. Both show lack of hips. Better to choose moderately low or overpriced.


Ideal silhouettes are trapezoid, sun-flared, tulip - what makes the shape of the hips rounded. Skirts with a fluffy gather from the waist will not work, but with small tucks it will be just right. It is quite appropriate for young girls to wear a carefree mini, for adult ladies it is better to stay at an elegant length in the knee area.

Slim rectangles can choose models with a wide belt. It is better for overweight people to prefer a low fit or a skirt with a yoke. But everything is individual, do not forget about your own comfort. A pencil skirt will fit well on narrow hips. Let it be at the high waist or without a belt.


There will be no problems with the choice. The main thing is not to create unnecessary massiveness. For slender columns, a huge space of options provides a comfortable oversize. Guess what is hidden under the spectacular and mysterious volume. Complete is not recommended. All rectangles can use the general selection rules:

  • fur coats - from short fur, straight, A-silhouette, detachable under a leather belt;
  • coat - trapeze, fitted, with patch pockets, with double-breasted fastening;
  • raincoats and jackets in the form of a classic trench coat;
  • down jackets - cylinders, straight without a belt;
  • jackets - leather jackets, bombers, jacket cut.

The length of the outerwear can be any. Depends on your own height and preferences. It is better for short representatives of the type not to get carried away with floor-length styles.


The best swimwear for a rectangle figure is a bikini.

  • With a small chest, the top trimmed with fringe, sequins, bright print looks advantageous.
  • Visually enlarge the thighs of swimming trunks, skirts.

Large breasts require a secure fit. Thanks to this, the silhouette looks fit.

Don't get carried away with tankinis and solid models. If you want a closed version, choose a style with cutouts at the waist, longitudinal or diagonal inserts, stripes, prints. No deposits on the sides - you can choose the monokini model.

What should be excluded from the wardrobe

Having an idea of ​​suitable clothing, you can determine what to wear is categorically impossible, or at least undesirable. The taboo applies to:

  • narrow straps;
  • neckline;
  • absolutely straight dresses and skirts;
  • tight-fitting clothing made of stretch fabrics;
  • narrow belts and waistbands;
  • Raglan sleeves, lowered armhole;
  • both short tops and low-rise jeans or shorts;
  • trousers and skirts with drawstrings;
  • horizontal prints in the middle of the figure.

Try to accentuate the clear line of the shoulders, remove all unnecessary from the waist and gently indicate or compensate for the lack of grace with a fluffy hem.

Shoes, accessories, jewelry

There are no particular restrictions on the choice of shoes. Slender columns can wear ballet flats, sandals, sneakers, classic shoes, brutal boots, elegant ankle boots and boots. Full rectangles are also okay with long legs. For those who are short, it is better to use a flat sole to a minimum and more often choose medium or high heels.

The bag should be in harmony with the shape of the figure. Refuse from too romantic models in favor of classic, geometric clutches, soft shoppers, backpacks. Make sure that the bag is not in the waist area, but slightly higher or lower.


Choose eye-catching earrings and brooches. Wear long, chains, beads, loose scarves - anything that visually lengthens the silhouette. Soft belts, including leather, can be positioned anywhere. Wide belts, especially those with spectacular buckles, are worn only on the hips.

Texture of fabrics and prints

Rectangular fabrics are not suitable for thin stretch fabrics that are too rough. Choose clothes from light flowing and fairly dense, but plastic materials:

  • chiffon;
  • viscose;
  • silk;
  • starched cotton;
  • corduroy;
  • denim;
  • gabardine;
  • wool;
  • tweed.

Avoid slanting, flowing lines will betray all secrets. Do not be afraid of large prints, on the contrary, small ones are undesirable. Drawings and bright decor should be placed closer to the face or at the bottom of the garment.

Play with contrasts or create monochrome sets. Top class - prints that create the illusion of a waist. The same mission is performed by stitches, draperies, colored inserts. Use the layering effect and you will easily become an hourglass.

Tips for keeping fit

Girls of this type cannot complain about lack of appetite and sometimes gain excess weight, mainly in the upper or central part of the body. In such cases, the silhouette becomes like an inverted triangle or an apple. You can use the clothing recommendations for these types or lose weight.

The athletic body responds quickly to physical activity. Dancing, aerobics, swimming, stretching, yoga are suitable. Don't get carried away with strength training. In your case, the muscles should be long and elastic, not short and pumped up.

You will have to give up snacks and keep the first half of the day in a relatively hungry state. Dinner after 6 pm is not only not harmful, it is recommended. Separate meals, controversial in terms of usefulness, are suitable, but it is better to adhere to a balanced diet.

Style from stars-rectangles

Designer, fashion designer, just a beautiful woman Victoria Beckham is also a rectangle. Take inspiration from her art and take ideas from other celebrities. They are proud of this type of figure:

  • Nicole Kidman;
  • Cameron Diaz;
  • Mila Jovovich;
  • Keira Knightley;
  • Penelope Cruz;
  • Uma Thurman;
  • Barbra Streisand;
  • Liza Minnelli;
  • Tina Turner.

Everyone has different volumes, which once again confirms the truth - beauty does not depend on weight.