School shoes for girls: the most fashionable options for autumn

School fashion exists, but lives by its own laws. Even schools with democratic rules cannot be attended in street clothes. Do not be offended by such strict laws on adults. They have their own ideas, choosing clothes and shoes for school, focusing more on convenience and benefits than on beauty and fashion.

Your task is not only to choose the right school shoes, but also to make sure that they are approved by your mother and correspond to the school dress code.

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So, the most fashionable shoes for school

A little more and the new school year will begin. This does not mean that the girl's life will become boring and monotonous, the style and colors of life will disappear in the everyday life of the school. We've prepared tips to help you stay fashionable and look great despite the school's strict dress code. Today we will talk about shoes, we will analyze all the fashionable options and together we will choose the most successful and stylish pair, or two, because you need replacement shoes.

Mary Jane's cute and delicate shoes

The fashion of the shoe is girl-friendly and offers many options to wear to school. Let's start with the traditional Mary Jane style. Nothing has changed over the years: the flat sole, the support strap on the instep. But these shoes are at their peak in school right now, just add a small heel to get the latest buzz and become a local style icon.

About the color you can not worry. Black and white and black models are in fashion, which fully complies with the rules of any school. High school girls can take a closer look at models on a small platform.

Mary Jane shoes look good with a school dress, a skirt is a classic style. An interesting look will turn out when combined with trousers, especially if they are slightly shortened.

Note that this is a very good option for teenage girls. Additional pluses:

  1. At the moment, the model is in demand, there are many design options for girls.
  2. Your mother will definitely like her, there is no need to persuade your parents.
  3. The leg will be well fixed all day long, the heel is fixed. This means that in the future you are not threatened with displacement of the ankle joint, flat feet. The buckle keeps the shoes on your feet well and with sudden movements, when you suddenly want to run, the shoes will not fall off, and you will not crash onto the school floor.

Comfortable ballet flats

fashionable ballet flats are still in demand. Flat shoes are a comfortable and practical option. Their shape has slightly changed, models with a sharp nose are coming to the first positions. You can stop at the usual rounded toe, it is still popular. Both options are interesting, fit well with the school image.

The health situation is worse. Do not overuse ballet shoes. Shoes with heels are still better, in this case the load is redistributed along the arch of the foot, the leg gets tired less. The heel is considered the most graceful woman's little thing, and it's time for you to gradually learn to walk on it, and start with a small size. In the middle classes, this is up to 2.5 centimeters, for teenage girls, the size can be increased to four.

When choosing a color, there should be no particular difficulties, glamorous black and white proposals on sale is enough. Look for models with contrasting noses, zebra stripes, snake print.

Daring sneakers and sneakers

Sports shoes - sneakers, sneakers, slip-ons have become widely used in girls' everyday life. This is a choice in favor of convenience, freedom and style, which are just like air necessary for the younger generation. The most daring combinations and decorations will be appropriate on the street. At school, all this may not be overlooked by strict rules. It can't be helped, they are right.

As ultra-modern sneakers with fireworks of colors and prints, and stylish sports shoes with heels - arrowroots can be perceived as a challenge to the classic school. Perhaps you are lucky and the rules of your school are democratic. With the help of sneakers you can create a variety of stylish looks and surprise the whole class with a chic look. One request, save the class teacher's nerves and keep canary-colored shoes out of your wardrobe.

Comfortable and stylish loafers and classic boots

Hit 2022 for girls are considered closed shoes with a “tongue” - loafers.

The heel is small, even flat soles are allowed this year, the colors are wide, comfortable to wear, fit any top. All indications are that these are the perfect shoes for girls. Black and brown shades are considered the official color. Agree that even for a strict school environment, it is a good option.

Girls' platform shoes

School platform shoes with a small heel (with a reasonable platform thickness) is much healthier for teenage girls than the heeled version. The platform loads the leg less, is more stable, but it adds a few centimeters to your height. According to the secret laws of women, you will look the same amount of kilograms less. Great, isn't it? It turns out that when you buy platform shoes, you immediately solve two problems.

These shoes will harmoniously fit into any school bow. Better for the sake of school rules, stop at black, white, dark or beige. In the latter case, with flesh-colored tights, your legs will look longer.That's all. Choose the option you like and be the most stylish girl in the class!

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