Shabby Chic clothes - romanticism and femininity

All women of fashion know that most of the new fashion trends come back to us from the past. The Shabby Chic style is a direct proof of this. The literal translation of the name from English sounds like “shabby chic”.

This style is characterized by femininity, romance and grace. The founder of "shabby chic" was the American Rachel Asheville. She decorated things purchased in the markets and in antique shops, and gradually her work gained regular customers and many admirers. This is how this unique style was born. Now its elements can be found in clothing, accessories, wedding decor and interior design.

The difference between Shabby-Chic and styles Vintage and Provence

Shabby chic should be distinguished from vintage and Provence styles. Vintage style implies the use of really vintage items or artificially aged. The Provence style is distinguished by its simplicity and deep connection with nature. Thus, the three styles can be easily distinguished.

Distinctive features of Shabby Chic

Characteristic features of "chic" are embroidery and prints with floral motifs, made in pastel shades, lace trim, giving clothes extraordinary lightness, as well as dress decoration, shoes and accessories with silver threads.

Gold color is also used: gold fittings can give uniqueness even to a plain blouse.

Rough textures are successfully combined with delicate ones. For example, a dark denim shirt can be successfully complemented by a pastel lace skirt.

Natural fabrics (cotton, linen, chintz) prevail in most garments. Many things are done by hand. You can decorate your items with embroidery or lace and get a unique piece in Shabby Chic style.

All things in this style are very feminine. Deep neckline, bows - all this allows delicate feminine beauty to blossom.

damn it makes sense to give examples of successful images.

Examples of Shabby Chic style outfits

An ash pink dress with lace frills, complemented by beige pumps. The set can successfully complete a feminine set of gold accessories.

For a more active and businesslike look, you can use blue denim trousers decorated with embroidery on the pockets, a white lace blouse, white heeled sandals decorated with gold fittings.

White clutch embroidered with silver threads will help to complement the feminine image.