Sport-chic style in clothes: 100 stylish looks and unusual ideas

The sport-chic style, stepping from gyms to the streets, then to fashion catwalks and again to the streets, will remain popular in 2021. Many young girls and mature women prefer convenience and simplicity. Combinations such as a dress or a classic trouser suit with sneakers have long ceased to be a sign of bad taste, which made it possible to be beautiful in comfortable clothes.

In this article:

Characteristic materials and colors of clothing sport chic

If you describe this style in a few words, its main features are convenience, democracy and naturalness. Women's sport chic is a huge field for experimentation, since there are no inviolable rules and restrictions, but in order not to turn into an urban madman, one should adhere to its basic principles:

  1. Harmony of textures materials. Sport glam is eclectic, where it is permissible to wear a cashmere coat or a leather jacket over a tracksuit. At the same time, you can mix absolutely any textures: chiffon and wool, satin and cashmere.
  2. Combination of colors. In women's clothing of this style, black, white and all the colors of the rainbow are used, but they should be bright and saturated. To create a harmonious image, there should be no more than three colors, they should be combined with each other. It is also good if one of them is basic (black or white).
  3. Use of prints and labels. Romantic flowers on dresses are definitely not sport chic. Color block, stripes and sports lettering are welcome here. But labels and labels indicating the brand are unacceptable, it is better to leave such clothes for sports.
  4. Asymmetry and layering. This makes the look a little relaxed and slightly sloppy, but it is important to remember that only the top or bottom can be layered in an outfit. Otherwise, it seems that the woman has put on everything that was in her wardrobe.
  5. Well-groomed appearance. For sports, there is no need to do makeup or during training to monitor how the strands lie in the hairstyle, but when collecting a sport-chic bow, it is important to take care of the make-up, manicure and hairstyle.

The outfits welcome natural materials (cotton, wool, knitwear, cashmere), but do not neglect sports synthetic fabrics such as neoprene.

Basic wardrobe and the creation of fashionable bows

When deciding to collect a basic sport-chic wardrobe, one very important point to remember: clothing for sports and glam sports Are two different things. For example, joggers made of fabric with sequins cannot be used for their intended purpose, but they are ideal for creating a fashionable look.

A basic wardrobe that allows you to create a variety of athletic looks includes:

  • jersey T-shirt, wide T-shirt or croptop with an inscription, number or image in the style of pop art;
  • sports pants (always with stripes), leggings or baggy bananas, depending on the characteristics of the figure;
  • a dress resembling a large T-shirt or sweatshirt;
  • tennis skirt or classic pleated;
  • sweatshirt, hoodie, tracksuit or bomber jacket;
  • parka jacket, leather jacket or cashmere coat with a laconic cut.
  • ​​

When it comes to shoes, to try a sporty chic style, you can't do without white sneakers and classic pumps with heels.

To create fashionable outfits, you can independently combine things, or you can use one of the ready-made formulas:

  • classic trouser suit + T-shirt + sneakers;
  • pleated skirt + hoodie + sneakers;
  • T-shirt (sweatshirt) + cargo pants + classic high-heeled shoes;
  • sports dress + hoodie + feminine ankle boots.

This is not a finite list of combinations, there are quite a few of them. Having understood the main postulate (not to look like in a gym), each girl will be able to continue it on her own.

Sports accessories

Sporty chic is a combination convenience and femininity. And what can make an elegant girl in a simple straight cut dress or a comfortable tracksuit? Accessories, of course. Skillful use of such details gives the sport a chic, and inappropriate accessories make the image a failure.

In such bows there is no place for earrings, rings and bracelets made of precious metals and stones, no matter how chic they are. But the image can be supplemented with sunglasses in frames of the most original shape and colors, a fitness bracelet with a laconic design or voluminous bright plastic jewelry.

As for the bags, their choice is huge. For exploring the city, you can choose a comfortable backpack, a belt bag or a large roomy bag with a print. Having decided to have lunch with friends in a cafe, you can pick up a bright clutch bag, which will be the finishing touch to your look.

In the summer, a baseball cap or bandana will be appropriate as a headdress, and in the cold season, a laconic and fashionable beanie hat. A scarf, leggings, knee socks or socks are also sport chic accessories. The latter can be worn even with sandals.

What should be the hair and makeup?

Since the second wave of popularity of sport-chic was due to the craze and fashion for a healthy lifestyle among celebrities, then naturalness is first of all welcomed in makeup. It is very important here not to highlight the eyes or lips, but to make the skin tone as even and healthy as possible. This is especially true for mature women, because such a make-up and a sports bow can rejuvenate better than a plastic surgeon.

For girls younger than these restrictions no. They can experiment with bold colors of mascara, neon lipsticks and nail polishes, while keeping their skin healthy.

When it comes to hairstyles, you can find a sporty hairstyle for any hair length. Ladies with short hair can simply style them neatly or create a wet strand effect. This option will be acceptable on hair of medium length or shoulder length. All kinds of braids, a high ponytail, a bun or a half bunch fit perfectly into sport chic.

Where is appropriate and who suits sport-chic

These are clothes for active people who appreciate comfortable fit, natural fabrics, clear lines and glamorous details. Most of the style adherents are young, fond of sports and take care of their health.

But this does not mean that only slender girls can dress like that. A little fat will not interfere with looking decent in most of these bows. Regarding age, one has only to look at such stars as, for example, Jennifer Lopez and it becomes clear that a well-groomed woman of any age will look harmoniously in a glam-sport style.

Glamorous sports outfit is casual wear that will be appropriate not only for a walk or an informal meeting, but also in the office, of course, if at work there is no strict deskod. So you can dress up for a picnic or to the cinema with friends, but for going to the theater it is better to choose a more classic look.

Cheat sheet for creating images in the style of sports chic

It's better to see once than read about a hundred times how to combine things in a glamorous sporty look. Moreover, you can learn this by looking at photos of such world stars as Rihanna, Hailey Baldwin-Bieber, Bella and Gigi Hadid, Jennifer Lopez, who are considered examples of this style. Many interesting images can be seen on ordinary girls who can be found on the street.

For those who, for some reason, believe that the sport-chic style is not for him, you can be advised to introduce it into your wardrobe gradually, starting with one thing, for example, a pair of comfortable white sneakers. Perhaps such a fashionable injection will help to reconsider your attitude not only to clothing, but also to sports, nutrition and health.