Striped dresses 2021-2022: fashion trends in bright photos!

A striped dress is as versatile as a little black dress. This is an outfit for all times, suitable for women of absolutely any age and body constitution. It is only important to choose a style that suits the figure and fits into the overall concept of the wardrobe. Fashion does not stand still, and stylists offer new solutions.

In this article:

Off the shoulder

A dress with open shoulders is suitable for creating summer romantic images in a romantic style, boho or new bow. For a long time, this style could only be found on the "red carpet" or in the evening version, but modern fashion trends are such that open shoulders have already migrated to everyday wardrobe.

However, this style is not suitable for girls with wide shoulders, as it will visually increase them, as well as for short and plump young ladies. For women with a pear-shaped figure - this is the best option for the summer.

Among fashionable striped dresses with open shoulders, one can distinguish:

  • depending on the shape of the neckline- with a straight or a semicircular neckline, trimmed under a shirt collar or with flounces, with one or more straps, just lying on the shoulders and chest;
  • depending on the style of the sleeves- long, up to the elbow,?, Short or made in the form of flounces or a wide strip.
  • depending on the length of the product- short with a skirt to the knee, medium length and maxi.

Summer off-the-shoulder models can be easily combined with any shoe from stiletto heels to sneakers.

It is much more difficult to choose the appropriate underwear for them. It should be a comfortable and lightweight bra without the straps. No need to wear underwear with transparent silicone straps - they are not invisible.

Jewelry on the neck for such a bow is also not easy to choose, but an interesting neckline with open shoulders allows you to do without them.

Intricate pattern

Often stylists do not recommend to wear a strip with other prints (peas, flowers, plant or animal motives). However, there are many interesting women's outfits that combine stripes of different sizes and colors, located in different directions (vertical, horizontal or diagonal).

The diagonal arrangement of the lines can visually reduce the volume, so clothes with an intricate pattern of stripes will be a good way to be trendy for overweight women. So, crossing or converging together at the waist "paths" will make the silhouette thinner.

Accessories, shoes and a bag for such an outfit can be neutral calm colors or become bright details of the image. For a sea-colored dress (white-blue or white-black), accents can be made in red or its close "relatives" (crimson, purple, violet, pink, cherry).

Shirt dress

A shirt dress is a basic item of a comfortable and stylish wardrobe. It can be plain or with any pattern. The most popular print is the strip. It looks fresh and original, moreover, due to the vertical arrangement of the stripes, it will give young ladies with magnificent forms harmony and grace, and for short girls it will visually add a few centimeters to their height.

The classic version of such a dress has a straight cut, but among modern models you can find other interesting options: with a trapeze silhouette, a fluffy skirt or a wide frill at the bottom. Sleeves can be as long,?, Short, or completely absent. Popular colors include blue, black, red or multi-colored stripes.

A striped shirt dress can be the basis of a stylish summer look, to which you just need to choose the right shoes, bag and accessories. So, to create a romantic outfit, sandals with heels and a clutch are suitable, and for everyday wear - sneakers or sandals at a low speed and a voluminous shopper or a backpack. As for jewelry, you can complement the image with beads and a bracelet in color or accentuate in the form of a belt.


Once upon a time noodle dress played the role of underwear, which was worn under the main outfit, and then it came into fashion as a full-fledged item of women's wardrobe. So, a striped dress of this style has practically become a basic thing for any fashionista. Such an outfit tightly fits the female figure, repeating the curves of the body and emphasizing the chest, waist and hips.

The disadvantages of this simple and uncomplicated, but very effective thing can only be associated with the imperfections of the figure. Any tight dress, regardless of the location of the stripes, will accentuate the folds on the sides, a tight-fitting tummy, “ears” on the hips and other flaws in the figure. A loose cardigan or a long coat worn on top can smooth the situation a little.

Depending on the specific model and situation, almost any shoe with or without heels (boots, ankle boots, pumps, sandals, sneakers). You can safely complement this dress with various accessories and jewelry: scarves, glasses, scarves, pendants, long chains, necklaces, bracelets and earrings.


Extraordinary details can give an original look even the most ordinary thing. The smell on a striped dress can become such a detail. Among the variations of the cut of the smell are:

  • diagonal- visually crossing the figure obliquely, an example of such a style is a dress-robe;
  • vertical- the cut runs in a straight line in the center of the product;
  • partial- when only the bodice of the product or a skirt can be a spare;
  • independent- outwardly looks like a robe without buttons, but with a hidden secret fastener.

This style will suit owners with small breasts, making this area much wider due to drapery and stripes.

He will help out even if there is no waist, but you should definitely add a belt in a contrasting color or to match the dress. If the girl has an inverted triangle shape, then a striped wrap outfit will be able to balance the volume of the shoulders and hips.

Often wrap-around dresses have a V-neckline, which gives more opportunities to complement the image with various neck decorations. A good option would be a pendant on a long thin chain or a massive necklace in ethnic style. Long earrings will make a good tandem with a striped wrap dress, but in this case it is better not to overload the neckline with jewelry.


Asymmetric cut is a great solution for women who want to hide figure flaws or, on the contrary, attract attention due to the creative and beautiful style of a striped dress. An outfit like this will intrigue with the mystery of its cut, as well as create the perfect cocktail of relaxation and elegant sophistication.

Fashionable looks for inspiration

A striped dress can be multifaceted due to the width of the stripes, their direction location, color and complexity of the cut of the product. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult to put together a harmonious outfit on your own. Therefore, it is better to see once, having viewed a selection of photos of ready-made stylish images, than to read a hundred times what should be combined with what.