Stylish hairstyles for graduation in grades 9-11: photo novelties for graduates

Dear graduates of grades 9-11 of 2022! On this, the official part ends, and we immediately move on to an incredibly serious topic: prom hairstyles. A prom hairstyle should be not only solemn, but also stylish, as well as relevant in 2022. What are the main trends today?

All trends have one thing in common - no clear lines and “perfect” styling. The word is ideally put in quotation marks, because that does not mean that sloppy, ugly hairstyles are in fashion. This means that the styling has soft lines: natural waves, light curls, partial ripple, voluminous, slightly tousled bunches, fluffy braids and plaits. Therefore, at the graduation ceremony, there are no curls, refined curls and other unnatural designs!

Well, now about everything in order and, of course, a photo of hairstyles.

What hairstyles will be discussed:

Prom hairstyles for long hair

Length like Rapunzel - an excellent base for hairstyles for prom... It is important not to overload the image with an overly complex design. Start from your outfit. If the dress is richly decorated, has an active color and details, and the accessories are not inferior alongside in solemnity, then as a hairstyle it is worth looking at the following options:

Smooth tail. This is the very rare case this season when the hairstyle looks collected and smooth. The tail can be carried high, almost on top of the head or at the back of the head. This option is well suited for a dress with a low-cut back. A low ponytail will perfectly complement a lingerie-style dress with thin straps. The elastic can be wrapped in a strand, or with a ribbon to match the outfit.

Volumetric beam.A simple volumetric bun looks solemn, but too active. It can be safely done under a bright complex dress. Ideal for a dress with a neckline, as it opens the neck and collarbones.

The effect of wet hair.Strands can be straightened or curled into light waves. The crown of the head is smoothly combed back or along a deep side parting with the help of gel. This glamorous option is perfect for an outfit in the spirit of old Hollywood.

In the event that the dress has a simple silhouette and cut, does not have active decor and eye-catching details, you can focus on accessories and styling: Bulky complex weaving.There are many options for braiding long curls. This can be a complex braid that falls over one shoulder, a braid based on a high ponytail, or loose strands with a small ornate weave.

Complex beam. Large, with many elements of curls, braids and plaits will become a highlight and accent of the whole image.

Parting straight. Strands curled in waves, laid in a parted part - very modern. It may seem that this is too simple, but during her studies at school, the owners of beautiful long curls rarely have the opportunity to demonstrate them. If, before, your classmates saw you only with a bun or a scythe, then graduation 2022 is the time to show your wealth in all its glory. Don't overload styling; well-groomed, healthy hair is beautiful on its own.

Women's hairstyles for medium hair

In 2022, women's haircuts of medium length are at the peak of popularity, and there are a lot of festive styling options for this length. Light beach curls. Combined with an active dress and embellishments, this hairstyle looks very elegant yet modern and fresh. Emphasizes the youth and daring character of its owner.

Curls. Another trend in 2022 is tight disco curls. Will match an 80s style dress or babydoll style dress. Weave. On strands of medium length, asymmetric weaving looks very beautiful: braids or plaits. The rest of the mass can be curled into light curls or waves.

Wet hair effect. This styling option is relevant for any length. Very elegant and feminine. It will well complement large jewelry: earrings, a necklace or a decorated choker. Parting straight. A bob, smoothly laid in a straight parting, in combination with evening make-up and accessories looks austere, but very solemn. The ends can be curled into large curls or light waves.

Women's hairstyles for short hair

Pixie and cropped bob - the most fashionable women's haircuts this year. And if you have one, then you are already the most fashionable and stylish girl in school. With a bit of styling, texture, bold sharp ends, and you're the prom queen!

And if you want something something special, new and more festive, then read on.

Tiaras and hairpins

The decor is very popular, as are the accessories for the hairstyles. With their help, any everyday styling can be turned into a formal hairstyle.

The diadem in the classical sense is already a little outdated. Today, there are many stylish and very beautiful jewelry. It can be a headband with floral motifs, a diadem in the form of a small crown, or a headpiece in the spirit of fantasy heroines.

Small neat hairpins are also in fashion. They can be supplemented with braids or loose strands.

Graduation in grades 9-11 is a responsible event, but not worth for the sake of one evening, to attribute myself a dozen extra years. Be trendy, youthful, modern. It's so simple and so beautiful!