Summer manicure 2022: bright ideas on juicy photos!

Summer is a wonderful time. Time of fun and madness, heat and thunderstorms, happiness and relaxation. In summer, you want to be the personification of freshness, brightness, aroma of fruits and sea breeze. Light outfits, flowing hairstyles, weightless sandals... But what about the arms? And the handles should have a gorgeous summer manicure.


Hands - a symbol of femininity

Well-groomed female hands clearly show the degree of self-love. This is one of the indicators of grooming. You may not have the financial ability to go to salons for expensive procedures, but find time for a manicure and do it yourself. The first rule of a beautiful manicure is harmony. The shape of the nails should make the brush graceful, and not turn it into the hands of a tractor driver. Therefore, when choosing the shape of the nails, it is worth considering everything: the length and thickness of the fingers, the cuticle line, the length of the nail bed.

To visually lengthen the fingers and make them thinner, you should choose oval and almond shapes. They are great for cute plump girls. But the almonds must have a good length, otherwise the nails run the risk of turning into "seeds". But a square or squaw-oval can turn such fingers into the most natural "shoulder blades".

If you are not confident in your own abilities, then it is better to go to a specialist once, remember his recommendations, and then independently maintain the form of sawdust that the master will recommend.

DIY manicure

Step-by-step instructions for manicure are simple. But the execution has its own nuances. But the devil is not so terrible as he is painted. And to get an excellent result, you need perseverance and diligence. A manicure is not done on the run.

So, for an independent manicure you will need:

  • Pusher,
  • Knipser. These are ordinary cuticle nippers,
  • Manicure scissors,
  • Nail file with abrasiveness at 240 grit,
  • Buff, with abrasiveness at 400 grit
  • Orange stick.

For decorative coating you will need:

  • Degreaser,
  • Primer,
  • Base,
  • Gel Polish,
  • Top with and without sticky layer,
  • Liquid for removing the sticky layer,
  • Decorative items: rhinestones, sequins, sliders, stencils, etc.,
  • Lint-free wipes,
  • Drying lamp.
  • Cuticle oil, hand cream.

The stages of manicure are simple:

  1. The pterygium is cleaned, removed cuticle.
  2. Shaping the nail with sawdust. File size 240 grit.
  3. The gloss is removed from the nail using a buff of 400 grit.
  4. The nail is thoroughly cleaned of dust with a degreaser and a lint-free cloth.
  5. A primer is applied to dry and degrease the nail plate.
  6. Application of the base followed by drying in the lamp according to the instructions from 10 s to 1 min.
  7. Applying gel polish, drying in a lamp, removing the sticky layer.
  8. Top coverage. if there is additional decor, then the top should be with a sticky layer.
  9. Cover decoration, lamp drying.
  10. Application of topcoat (top).
  11. Cuticle oil treatment.
  12. Moisturizing with nourishing hand cream.

Important: you cannot do hardware manicure yourself without special training. This is a very traumatic procedure in inept hands. Cutting the nail plate is the smallest thing that can happen and the most frequent damage. But the restoration of the nail will be long. So, for a hardware manicure, you will have to go either to a salon or to courses.

Summer marigolds

Well, now the fun part. Summer manicure for summer mood. What colors are trending in the summer of 2022, what designs, what ideas? And here they are!

Any color scheme for summer manicure: from yellow to blue, from orange to green. That's what we like, that's what we paint. One condition: bright, fresh, hot. Don't use dark colors. Black is appropriate only as a decorative element, but not as the main coating.

The gradient will always be in trend. And in the summer, making a bright, juicy rainbow on the nails is the most successful decision. You can complement such a coating with a pattern or a jacket.

Painting. The painting will look gorgeous in the summer version. Beautiful monograms on a bright background will set the tone for the summer mood.

Flowers. Summer is the time for flowering. A riot of colors blooms on the nails of fashionistas. Beautiful poppies, graceful orchids, modest daisies... All these bouquets are confidently placed on the nails.

Fruits and berries. Well, where can you go without juicy treats? Oranges and lemons, strawberries and watermelon, kiwi and grapes: the juicier, the tastier.

Cartoons. Funny cartoons will always be welcome guests on the nails of young beauties. Ants, bees, butterflies, dragonflies will set the tone for the summer mood of any fashionista.

Geometry. Always a win-win at any time of the year. And when using juicy and bright colors, it makes the manicure especially hot.

As for the use of glitter, broths, rhinestones, rubbing, in the summer of 2022 they should be used sparingly, so as not to overload the already bright coating.

And in order to choose the most successful options for summer manicure, photos of nail art masters and designers are offered. At the same time you can look at spring manicure. Many of the ideas from there will work for the summer as well.