Swimwear with leopard print - for real predators

Leopard print swimwear is hot in 2022! Predatory prints have not left the catwalks for several years, but in each season, designers interpret them differently; this is a combination of a predatory pattern with a pattern of tropical flowers and its combination with shiny fabrics, delicate lace and rough ethnic details...

Designers of the fashion house Blumarine fell in love with this pattern, using it in different ways in every collection. Fashion designers experiment with this pattern, creating models in a variety of styles and, moreover, paint it in the most unusual colors. And of course, in every such collection there is necessarily a leopard-print swimsuit. Therefore, it is safe to say that a leopard print swimsuit is a welcome item in the wardrobe of every fashionista.

Swimwear with a leopard, moreover, can have any style, be one-piece or separate, laconic or decorated with various details (draperies, frills, fringes, etc.)... They can also be combined with fabrics of other colors. [Adsp-pro-2]

Leopard print in natural colors looks harmonious on the beach, reminiscent of the wild. A fantasy "leopard" looks elegant and unusual, attracts attention. Leopard print in different sizes is in fashion; from large spots to small ones forming a regular pattern, there is also a combination of a leopard pattern of different sizes in one piece.

Such a swimsuit is most suitable for bold, self-confident ladies, as it creates a somewhat aggressive and incredibly disturbing image of Diana - a huntress dressed in a wild hide cats.

For girls who are more tender, who represent themselves more like a cute kitten than a regal predator, fashionable versions of a leopard pattern in pastel colors or a super-fashionable "leopard" on turquoise or light blue background.

To create the image of a beautiful islander, a model in which the “animal” pattern is combined with exotic flowers.

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Who will wear a leopard print swimsuit?

Leopard print emphasizes the grace of the female figure and graceful movement. But, keep in mind that in nature this pattern is "camouflage" - it helps the predator to merge with the environment and become invisible. And on a swimsuit, he "hides" the shape and volume. Therefore, a one-piece swimsuit or a tankini swimsuit with a leopard pattern is perfect for overweight girls. In general, a swimsuit with a small leopard pattern can hide many figure flaws. But for ladies who want to emphasize the dignity of their figure, it is better to choose a more open version of a swimsuit of this color, for example, a bikini or a bandeau.

With a leopard swimsuit, you can wear multi-colored pareos (not necessarily the same pattern with a swimsuit) and, moreover, ethnic jewelry is ideally combined with it. But elegant accessories are also a good match. [Adsp-pro-2]