The color type of Winter's appearance: a bright diamond - a worthy setting

Color type Winter is a contrast, brightness, exciting, alluring cold. The snow-white face of the Snow Queen, burning hair, eyes and sensual lips of a vamp woman, calm confidence, the ability to present oneself distinguish winter girls from the crowd. Platinum blondes and dark-skinned beauties with brown hair also belong to this color type.

The main features of winter women are cold skin tones, hair, expressive eyes without halftones. The wrong color palette of clothes and makeup, incorrectly selected accessories can destroy the integrity of the image, make the appearance awkward. So: harmony, perfection, charm.

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Hair, skin, eyes of color type Winter and peculiarities of subtypes

Hair color raven, brown or dark blond with an icy tint, natural platinum blond is an exquisite contrast of this color type. Even a hint of a red or yellow accent is out of place here. You should not change the natural hair color, unless it is slightly shaded with purple, chocolate or silver.

Leathersnow-white porcelain or dark cold olive. If there is a blush, it is barely noticeable. In rare cases, freckles may adorn the face, but not golden, but dark gray-brown. Aristocratic pallor is not friendly with the sun, and dark-skinned women sunbathe easily, pleasantly, beautifully.

Eyesare distinguished by a striking contrast between the iris and crystal clear, sometimes with light blue whites. The color can be any: blue, turquoise, green, cherry brown, bottomless black, but without extraneous inclusions or halftones. The eyebrows and eyelashes of brunettes are black, and those of blondes are ashy.

It will not be difficult for bright, fatal women to determine the color type. And for those whose appearance is not so contrasting, but gravitates towards the winter range, the description of subtypes will help to find themselves.

Deep Winter.The beaming face of Japanese geisha, sleek black hair, radiant eyes. If they are blue, then they have the entire depth of the sky; if they are brown, then dark chocolate; if they are anthracite, then there is a bottomless pool. The skin can be snow-white, bluish-olive, cool.

Warm (southern) Winter.These girls have a very harmonious blend of cool brown hair tones with warm olive skin tones. The contrast is not very pronounced, the exterior envelops the charm of the mild Mediterranean winter. They sunbathe easily, and in summer they resemble chocolates. The eyes are always deep, saturated tone.

Light (low contrast) Winter.It is in this case that difficulties may arise with determining the color type; this subtype is often confused with in summer. The skin and eyes correspond to the description of a deep Winter. And by the tone of curls, light brown and blondes fall into this category. But a constant sign is cold, ashy shades.

Makeup: What Can Snow White Afford?

Bright contrasts are the privilege of the Winter color type. Their appearance will adorn what looks vulgar on others. The ruby-red lipstick will accentuate the exquisite pallor. Bold, crisp arrows make the look irresistible. Just do not get carried away with blush and accentuate your eyes and lips at the same time. Let's examine the contents of the perfect cosmetic bag.

  1. Foundation- fluid, light texture. For aristocratic pale - transparent, almost white, for swarthy - beige-grayish, olive. For a low-contrast winter - beige, but without yellowness, closer to pink.
  2. Powder- matches the color of the foundation. For the evening - with a silvery shimmering effect, and bronze sheen is best avoided.
  3. Blush- cold pink, lilac shades, but not a greasy spot, but only slightly indicating the cheekbones.
  4. Ink, eyeliner, pencil- ideal in a classic black design. All cold, even extravagant tones are also suitable. Brown - only in the color of dark chocolate.
  5. Shadows- must be bold. Saturated options are suitable: night sky, anthracite, rich green, purple. Can be combined with light ones: lilac, icy pink, lemon, silver.
  6. Lipstick- only bright, pure tones. It is advisable to avoid warm pastel shades and scarlet. All cool pinks will look great: fuchsia, cyclamen, purple, raspberry, lilac, dark purple. And, of course, blood red. A clear lip contour two shades darker with a pencil - just fine.

Clear lines, no blur, even tone of the face - these are the basic requirements for the makeup of these girls. Quantity can be inferior to quality, because they are often adorable even without makeup.

Basic wardrobe colors, accents palette

These mysterious women are amazing in black. It can be safely chosen as the main one for the basic group of clothes. Other suitable colors:

  • anthracite,
  • pure blue,
  • dark chocolate,
  • deep green,
  • ruby ​​red,
  • crimson.

Bold contrasting combinations will only add charm, emphasize the brightness of the image. You can combine the colors of the basic wardrobe without being afraid to overdo it with extravagance.

The option "white top - dark bottom", which turns others into an office mouse or a schoolgirl, is simply ideal for a snowy beauty. White can be used as a base color for a summer wardrobe, and, if desired, for a colder season. Only pure color is recommended. The muted shades of white steal the snow girls' charm.

Colors of light clothes, additions, accessories should be bright and cold:

  • bright -pink,
  • icy yellow,
  • purple,
  • indigo,
  • bright coniferous,
  • deep mint,
  • azure,
  • magenta,
  • lingonberry,
  • bright blue,
  • silver.

Acid, neon shades are allowed. And it's better to stay away from warm palettes and pastel colors.

Flawless style is the key to success

Clear lines, flawless cut, graphics, sophistication will do. The classic style of clothing will perfectly emphasize the elegance. A winter girl can afford a fair amount of extravagance, original solutions in clothing styles. Only a romantic image with ruffles and an abundance of frills will not decorate it.

Materials will suit smooth, shiny:

  • leather,
  • taffeta,
  • satin,
  • brocade,
  • silk,
  • cashmere,
  • velvet,
  • thick jersey,
  • lace,
  • chiffon.

Plain fabrics are preferred. Drawings are preferable to geometric, with clear lines, predatory and rather large prints. Small flower, blurred watercolor - not a “winter” version at all.

Shoes and handbags - from patent or smooth leather. It is better to refuse soft suede, in extreme cases - nubuck. Bags are not in the form of shapeless bags, but a clear rectangular shape of small size. The heel is an indispensable companion of this graceful lady. Elegant shoes highlight individuality. Spectacle frames - black, silver or bright.

A drop of charm in jewelry and fragrances

The best jewelry for girls, diamonds are just about winter people. But if this jewel is not affordable, no one canceled the cheaper cubic zirconia or rhinestones. White and blue pearls, silver, platinum, white gold are in perfect harmony with the cold winter appearance. Yellow gold - exclusively with stones of lilac, green, blue colors. Winter, but there are exceptions. If it is jewelry, then it is transparent and light. The size of the jewelry is medium.

Perfume should be sensual, mysterious, with a light trail of mystery and sexuality. Sweet notes are inappropriate, frivolity does not reflect the essence, astringency does not soften coldness. Fruity and sophisticated oriental scents based on musk, amber, sandalwood are best suited .

Lady-winter in the photo

So the acquaintance with the winter color type has come to an end. It remains only to admire the photos of celebrities, ordinary girls and women, who can be safely called the Snow Queens.