The most beautiful red prom dresses!

Well, well, young ladies! If you are reading this article now, then instead of preparing for exams, you are choosing a dress for a prom! Well, this is also an important occupation, and I would like to note that you are on the right track. We will definitely help you get inspired and show you how to choose the perfect model. And since you have already decided on the color, then it's time to find out which red prom dresses are relevant this year. Let's talk about shades, styles, decor and more!

In this article:

Shades of Red

Red is a very versatile color with many shades. And if someone says that red doesn't suit you, then you just haven't found yours yet.

  • Classic red, aka scarlet. It has a neutral undertone and goes well with almost any type of appearance. The brighter your type of appearance, the more saturated and sparkling the color of clothing can be. If you are blonde with light "porcelain" skin, then a more muted tone of red will suit you. If a brunette with dark olive skin, then bright and juicy.

  • Cool red with purple or pink undertones. Ideal for owners of a cold type of appearance. These are light brown, ash shades of hair combined with blue, gray, gray-green, blue eyes and fair skin, as well as burning brunettes with either brown or black eyes, or ice-blue and light milky skin, with a pink blush.

  • Warm red with orange undertones. If you are redhead, then this shade of red is perfect for you, and also if you have dark, tanned skin.

To find out if a shade suits you or not, you need to bring a cloth to your face in bright natural light or a scarf of the selected color. You will immediately see what will happen to your face. If the color of the eyes becomes dull, and flaws on the skin become obvious: redness, dark circles under the eyes, an unwanted "earthy" shade appears, then the color does not harmonize with your natural type of appearance. And if the eyes become brighter, and the skin looks rested and fresh, then the color is yours one hundred percent!


Having decided on a shade of red, we proceed to choosing a style. Every year, the fashion for evening dresses, as well as for everyday ones, changes. What are the main trends of 2022?

  • Case. This is a full fit model. It emphasizes all the advantages of the figure and, unfortunately, the disadvantages too. If you are confident in yourself, then the red "case" is ideal. For such a model, you need high-heeled shoes and a small decorated clutch.

  • Mermaid. This cut has a full fit to mid-thigh or knee and extends to the bottom. The neckline, sleeves and design of the back of the dress can be absolutely any. This style is suitable for a figure with ideal or close to ideal proportions. The bag will fit a small one, with a short handle and, of course, hairpins.

  • Classic A-line silhouette. A versatile model suitable for any body type. The dress emphasizes the waist, but does not have a tight fit like a sheath or a mermaid. It can be of any length, the skirt can be straight flowing or fluffy and dense. The advantage of this model is that you can safely make any accent, be it a deep neckline, an open back or a high slit on the skirt. Under such a model, you can put on sandals, and the handbag can be of an original, stylish design.


The material of red prom dresses is as important as the style or color. A poorly chosen fabric can turn even the most stylish and fashionable style into an old-fashioned one.

What fabrics should you look out for in 2022?

  • Silk. Ideal fabric for evening wear. A silk dress, even of the simplest style, looks “expensive” and elegant.
  • Atlas. The light satin gloss emphasizes both the drapery of the model and the dignity of the figure.

  • Velvet. In 2022, velvet is incredibly trendy. And red prom dresses made from this fabric are not only fashionable, but also stylish.

  • Lace. Timeless and trendy. Lace evening dresses are always relevant, they are graceful, romantic and very beautiful.


B This year, abundant decor is in vogue on everything: clothes, shoes, bags. Evening dresses are no exception. One of the main trends is ruffles and ruffles. A prom dress can have large asymmetrical ruffles, for example, on one shoulder or on one side of the hem, or it can consist entirely of flounces. In addition to ruffle, you should pay attention to the fringe. This is another trend of 2018. Only the hem or, for example, the back of a dress can be decorated with fringes. Embroidery, appliques, stones, beads, rhinestones and sequins - there is no limit to the imagination of designers. If you are looking for an ultra-fashionable option, then a model with a bright, abundant decor is the right choice!


A detail, which is also an accent, should favorably emphasize one or another part of the body, as a priori it attracts the eyes. If you are proud of the length and slenderness of your legs, then a high neckline on the skirt can become a detail, an open back will emphasize the ideal posture, a deep neckline will emphasize a beautiful chest (but do not "overdo it" with it).


The red prom dress does not have to be long. Although, this is the most solemn option. If you opted for a deep neckline or an open back, then a floor-length skirt will perfectly balance the spicy top.

Knee length for prom - elegant and feminine... Perfect for an off-the-shoulder sheath dress.

Daring mini will look modern and stylish. Short red dresses perfectly emphasize the individuality and personal style of a young girl.

No feathers, no feathers for everyone! And let your prom in 2022 be the brightest, trendiest and most stylish!