Top 10 trendy colors fall-winter 2018-2019

They say that you cannot look into the future. But not in the fashion world! Long before the onset of autumn 2018, the main colors that will color the upcoming season have become known. The Pantone Color Institute has named the fall-winter 2018 trendy colors.

Pantone's authoritative opinion influences all areas of art, one way or another related to color. Fashion is no exception. The main range appears in clothing, accessories, cosmetics. The shades of the season usually match the natural colors of the season. In summer they are juicy and bright, in spring they are delicate and translucent, in autumn they are warm and deep, in winter they are rich and sparkling. And we also love Panton for the poetic and metaphorical names it gives to fashionable shades!

So, what are they, the top 10 primary colors of the fall-winter 2018 season?

10 most fashionable colors for autumn-winter

Fashionable colors according to Panton's version in the coming season are distinguished by depth and calmness. They repeat the colors of the autumn forest: fallen leaves, clear sky, plumage of birds. The fall-winter 2018-2019 palette is diluted with surprisingly bright and fresh tones, which are rarely found in the cool season.

We suggest going to the photo of flowers.

Red pear

Opens the fashionable colors of autumn-winter deep and noble red-brown. Truly an autumn shade. Ideal not only for shoes and accessories, but also for translucent romantic dresses with ruffles. Molly Goddard's collection confirms this.

Valiant poppy

Despite its name, the current shade of red is not warlike, but quite calm and friendly. It goes well with both basic and other trendy autumn colors.

Foggy blue

Fashionable "hazy blue" resembles a clear autumn sky - calm and clear, but already not as bright as in summer. If you don't know what to wear, choose a blue total bow, as in the show of the American brand Tibi.

Ceylon Yellow

Spicy Ceylon Yellow is delicious and complex. Ideal for those with dark skin and a bright type of appearance. If you are afraid of “getting lost” in an exotic shade, opt for an accessory, for example, a fashionable handbag or a strap.

Olive for martini

were not afraid. Compare the belligerent "khaki" or the dubious "swamp" and "olive for martini", the latter sounds much more attractive! At the same time, the color is very natural and exquisite. Just watch him play on the catwalk in the Simone Rocha collection.

Red orange

The most autumnal color, reminiscent of fallen leaves and hot pumpkin soup. Bright, juicy, it goes well with both basic colors: black, white, brown, and contrasting ones: blue, green, purple.


“Ultraviolet” is the main color of 2018 according to Pantone, you cannot do without it in the fall season -winter. It goes well with, no less relevant, bright "red orange" and "Ceylon yellow", and also refreshes and complements the "olive for martini".

Crocus petal

This delicate cool shade is more typical for spring, but this year it is included in the fashion palette of the fall-winter season. Ideal for romantic natures who have already begun to wait for spring 2019!

Ramp Light

Subdued, and slightly "diffused" yellow shown to any type of appearance. Unlike "Ceylon yellow", it can be worn by fair-haired and fair-skinned women.

Green quetzal

Quetzal (or quetzal) is a bird with bright plumage. The back, wings and tail are painted in deep blue-green, it was hard not to be inspired! Dramatic and very noble tone, ideal for evening wear - floor-length dresses and silk overalls.

Classic color palette

Fashionable colors fall-winter 2018 is not only an ultra-fashionable juicy palette, but also a classic basic. The base forms the backbone of your everyday wardrobe. These are the usual calm shades in a new, fashionable interpretation. They can be combined with elements from the main palette or remain in total look, of any chosen color.

Sargasso Sea

Dark, mysterious, attractive blue is practically the new black fall-winter 2018-2019 season. Match it with white, red, blue, orange, and, to be honest, with any shade from the main fashionable palette.


And "tofu" is the new white. Warmer, creamier, softer. It is the perfect color for blouses and shirts. It favorably emphasizes skin tone and, unlike snow-white, will not question your smile.


This fashionable color resembles the classic "Camel", only softer, colder, powdery. It's good for both pajama-style suits and a woolen coat.

Quiet gray

Versatile, calm gray. Ideal for both a classic tailored suit and sports-chic clothing, as shown in his collection by Alexander Wang.


Warm light brown. “Delicious” and cozy, it fits perfectly into the autumn colors.

The main thing is to remember that the colors of clothes should be not only fashionable, but also ideally suited to you. And Pantone will definitely have one!