Top 5 shopping mistakes

Before going to the store, be sure to make a list of necessary purchases. This is the most important, most basic and irreplaceable rule. Without a clear plan for shopping, you can not go, there will still be no benefit and pleasure from it.

  • To do this, you need to open the cabinet, see what is missing, what needs to be purchased and what needs to be replaced.

To buy something "for show" or simply because you need to buy something is impossible in any case. Moreover, not everyone observes this rule, some do not even like it. Don't be lazy to make a shopping list (whether it's going to the supermarket or shopping). It really makes the task easier, and you really enjoy finding and acquiring the right thing.

  • You shouldn't buy things that won't go well with the rest of your wardrobe.

For example, the store liked a bright fluffy skirt, but there is nothing to wear it with. So she will hang in the closet idle, beckon, attract, but not put on. Choosing a T-shirt or T-shirt for her is problematic. Is it a shame? Undoubtedly. It would be better if she hung in the store.

  • It is advisable to look at the model of the desired item before going shopping.

You can go to the site of a particular store, or just look at pictures on the Internet. This is done in order to keep a clear picture in your head and not get lost in the store. After all, otherwise you can get confused and end up buying something completely different from what was planned.

  • The next very common mistake is to take with you a huge amount of money in the expectation that not all of it will be spent.

And then the question arises - why then take them? For peace of mind and confidence? It will often be much safer to set aside a strictly limited amount for purchases and take only that amount. Otherwise, everything that is in the wallet will be spent on shopping, and at the same time a ton of things will be bought that are completely unnecessary and inappropriate.

Or a certain thing (dress, boots) will be bought for fabulous money, although a cheaper analogue could be found. Or the well-known discounts will pull all the savings from the wallet to the last penny.

  • Some girls should not go shopping alone.

They simply lose their heads when they get to the mall, starting to buy everything. Often they purchase things that are not just not needed, but also fit badly, do not fit either in size or in style. In such cases, it is worth taking with you a person who is sensible and knows how a thing should sit on a particular figure. This could be your best friend or boyfriend who can provide helpful advice and warn against unnecessary purchases.