TOP of the best ideas for winter manicure 2021-2022

Woman as nature changes her appearance along with the seasons. New makeup, hairstyle, outfit and, of course, winter manicure are selected. If earlier it was a good form to match the color of lipstick and nails, now it does not matter. A manicure can be in harmony with the color of clothes, bright accessories and even contrast with the overall image. Trendy nail design ideas will help you stay stylish and irresistible this winter.

Features of winter care

In winter, the delicate skin on the hands suffers from changes in temperature and wind. At this time, she needs to be looked after more intensively than in summer. Treatment should include the daily application of a protective cream, preferably about an hour before going outside. The texture of the moisturizer should be oily. Carefully study the composition before buying, it should not contain mineral oil and other harmful components. Otherwise, the cosmetic will harm you more than it will help you.

For a winter manicure to look aesthetically pleasing, it must be on well-groomed hands.

Hand peels, intensive masks with the addition of olive oil and nail baths will help to give the necessary shine. Be sure to wear warm gloves when leaving the house, so you will protect your delicate hands from the aggressive effects of the winter cold.

Fashionable colors

Fashionable winter 2021-2022 assumes the use of both rich bright varnishes and natural ones. Actual colors:

  • blue (all shades),
  • red,
  • coffee with milk,
  • flesh,
  • gray,
  • burgundy,
  • black,
  • green,
  • brown,
  • white.

Like in autumn, short nails remain in trend. It is practical and convenient. Moreover, they can be very expressive. It is still important to do a two-tone manicure when a pair of marigolds is different in color from the rest.

Most of the girls prefer to use gel polish to transform manicure. This trendy finish allows you to preserve beauty for a long time, and the color is deep and rich.

Fashionable nail designs for this winter

This season's manicure design is bright and festive. The most popular drawings with New Year's motives are becoming on the eve of the winter holidays. The photo shows several unusual ideas that can be easily implemented on your own.

Red nails are a fashionable accent in the image of confident ladies. To make such a manicure unusual, you can decorate it with a pattern in the form of a bow, reminiscent of New Year's gifts, or a line of rhinestones.

The play of colorful sparkles will create a festive mood. Courageous young ladies cover all nails with shine, more restrained only a couple of them or make small accents.

Snowflakes are one of the most relevant winter motives. It can be white dots on a black background and traced lace artwork. Continuing the theme of frosty patterns, it is worth mentioning the fashionable manicure in the style of the Snow Queen, when the patterns on the nails resemble the pattern of ice on glass. Such a manicure is performed on long nails in blue-white or lilac tones.

The gradient looks beautiful and unusual: when one color passes into another. As an overhead winter decor, you can use shiny dividing stripes, small rhinestones and curly sequins.

New Year's manicure can be decorated with a painted spruce twig. On the eve of the holiday, a manicure with the image of the symbols of the year becomes relevant. Someone likes a funny deer, and someone a Christmas tree. In the new year, even the most daring fantasy will look appropriate. Feel free to experiment with color and pattern combinations!

On other days of winter, you should choose a more discreet manicure without an abundance of sparkles and rhinestones.