Tractor-soled sandals - comfortable and stylish shoes for the summer

For several years now, girls have appeared on the streets wearing unusual but attractive summer shoes with thick, usually white soles. Fashion magazines and websites pay a lot of attention to these models, focusing on the beauty, grace and comfort that such women's sandals provide.

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A bit of history

Tractor sole first appeared in the middle 70s of the last century. Given the insignificant age of the model, it is defined as an "early vintage" and received the names "thick heel", "tractor". High stable heel, thick base provide the foot with reliability, especially in closed models. Boots, shoes, boots look completely natural in this design. The color palette is the richest, summer shoes are sandals, sandals, both for women and men, are produced in red, blue, white, black and their shades. Tractor-soled shoes have become a trend in 2022 for a reason, and sandals occupy an important place in this category.

What to wear with fashionable sandals?

Hit of the season - cute, stylish and comfortable, sandals with a bulky tread (with a separate heel and wedges), made of elastic, obedient material that allows a lady to feel confident even at 15 centimeter height. Summer models are distinguished by the material of the top - printed textiles, genuine leather, which give room for the imagination of designers in color, model, style.

Interlacing of thin straps, elegantly designed head and heel, deliberately rough fastener, play of contrasts - each model can be combined with a certain way, style clothes. Considering the nature of vintage shoes, it is better to avoid bulky outfits, such as long wide trousers, large blouses, and jackets.

Tractor-soled sandals and styling


The peculiar, brutal "military" style in clothes is distinguished, first of all, by simplicity of cut, camouflage pattern or khaki background, straps, Velcro and locks. Tractor-soled sandals fit perfectly into this tough style, black soles and leather, denim, textile upper are especially good. The colors can be traditional - khaki or gray-blue, and maybe blue, brighter, unusual.

Bermuda shorts, jeans, linen pants, T-shirts with slogans, crop tops - all this, coupled with stylish branded footwear, creates a military image. Accessories should also be kept in a deliberate style - leather or knitted bracelets, a rough tablet bag. And of course, you should not build a complex hairstyle on your head: the motto of the style is simplicity.

Casual and Tractor Sole Shoes

Urban casual seems to have specifically anticipated the appearance of tread shoes in all possible colors, acceptable for all ages. The foot is comfortable in soft-fitting, carefully made leather, suede or textile models, often braided (see photo). Moderately open, they are suitable both for office use and for a walk; a thick elastic tractor sole allows you to ignore the high heel.

In the youth version , casual is a kind of negligence, impudence in clothes. Shoes are not lagging behind - most eminent designers have included light and practical tractor sandals, shoes, sandals in their collections. Betsy, Tucino, Asos Harlington offer their models that are absolutely suitable for the style.

A thoughtful mess of hairstyles, functional bags, backpacks complement a thoughtful bow - the image of an urban fashionista - beautiful, stylish, practical.

Romantic tractor sandals

Despite the seeming nonsense in combination - romance and bulky tread, gentle, almost weightless upper on thick white, mint, beige or other light soles, they get along well with wide, flying styles of dresses, flared skirts, curls on the shoulders. There are also loosely pinned strands, and French, Scandinavian and other braids.


Footwear designers have created interesting models. Stylish white sandals from Glamorous can be combined with any color of clothing, they are good for girls who are tall and not so, for skinny ones and women who are denser. Open summer shoes with tops in delicate shades, metallic, both leather and textile, with prints and plain dyed here and there are found on the streets of cities. The photo shows images in a romantic style. High heels are also appropriate. Buckle straps or graceful ribbons can bend around the instep, heel zone, overlap with accessories - a bag, jewelry. The impression of lightness, tenderness, slowness is created.

Tractor sandals and retro styling

difficult - still in memory rough low boots, shoes on a thick platform. The current models are more elegant, comfortable, but deliberately rough basis makes them similar to their predecessors. For example, Daisy Street models with block heels, with a round toe, as if they came from the distant 70s.

Retro-style sandals are almost always made of dense leather, often lacquered, with straps and drawstrings, embossed patterns, closure through the instep, blunt socks. The textile upper is visible with plain weave, stitching, buttons and buttons for fastening.

Retro, like casual, romance requires dresses, skirts, light jeans, shoulder bags, wrist watches, bracelets. Hair can be curled by neatly laying the curls around the face, or you can braid the braids, chipping them into shells on the ears, a basket under the back of the head. Practicality, convenience, thoroughness are the main distinctive features of the style, fully meeting the desires and moods of modern ladies.


Tractor sole took the most difficult style for shoes easily. The inherent roughness of the base is enhanced. The top, of course, is also black, made of patent or matte leather or suede, decorated with metal details, improvised spikes, rough fasteners, and shurovka. The weave of the top is based on a cross, each weave emphasizes this symbol, makes it stand out.

Adherents of the Gothic style are noticeable in the crowd for their informal appearance, mostly black robes with an abundance of metal and metallized additions. To match and straight hair with accents of red strands, with jokes with style - chains, threads, cords.

The Gothic style is probably the most difficult to transform and replace. Typical dark clothes are difficult to combine, for example, with a romantic mood, except that the military style can exchange some details and accessories with it.

Who doesn't need to wear tractor sandals and why

Every season brings something of their own in the prevailing image of a modern woman. Life dictates its own rules, makes adjustments, accepts or does not accept new items. Tractor-soled sandals have proven to be a highly sought-after innovation, perfect for everyone. The same models are good for casual and festive outfits, for naughty girls and low-key middle-aged ladies.

However, fashionable shoes for spring and summer have some conditions that you need to know in order to look really fashionable and modern.

Having decided to buy tractor sandals, it is useful to take into account that the deliberate rudeness of the design will not suit very thin girls. It is necessary to select the most graceful models, then even very thin legs will look great.

Another warning is for tall girls. The comfort and stability that tractor-soled shoes provide make you forget about your height. In order not to be taller than everyone in the company, it is better to opt for neat, not the highest, flat protectors.

But forgetting about growth, do not forget about the age. Yet thick grooved soles are the prerogative of the young. In order not to look funny, ladies closer to 50 are better to refrain from these wonderful, noticeable and somewhat defiant summer shoes.