Trendy colors spring-summer 2019: 12 of the most trending shades of clothing

The International Color Institute "Pantone" announced the trendy colors for spring-summer 2019. Must have in the wardrobe of a stylish girl for the next year - 16 shades: 4 neutral, 12 bright. The palette has expanded significantly against the 10 primary colors of the previous season. The Institute studies the influence of paints on psychology, human physiology, spheres of life. Haute couture and mass market houses are guided by his reports. To follow Panton's recommendations means:

  • to understand spring-summer design trends;
  • have a stylish wardrobe;
  • stand out from the gray mass.

In this article:

The 16 most fashionable colors of the spring and summer season

The range of the spring-summer 2019 season is distinguished by:

  • creativity;
  • passion;
  • Softness of shades.


Orange-red “Fiesta” has absorbed the expression, passion, extravaganza of Latin American carnivals. Designers use it to create strict looks, evening dresses. In everyday life, "Fiesta" is the basis of a bow or an accessory. Gucci, Simon Rocha opted for an orange and red extravaganza.

Red Joker

The deep burgundy "Joker" is given depth by wine notes. Its fullness is an argument in favor of models in the style of "elegant urban chic". The Red Joker is Celine's favorite. Trendy colors spring-summer 2019 - from the very heart of nature.


Fendi, Hermès, Versace have spiced their collections with a burning orange "Turmeric". An optimistic bright orange color loudly declares itself in spring-summer bows.

Living Coral

The soft color of an inhabitant of the deep sea is self-sufficient. At the same time, it rhymes with beige, gray, black. Models Etro, Blumarin, Phillip Lim confirm this.

Pink peacock

Bright pink is a regal bird in the world of color. It looks advantageous in mono-bows spring-summer, combinations with purple, neon blue, dark green. Peacock Pink is especially effective in geometric prints. Claudia Li, Dundas use it in asymmetrical designs.

Check out photos of the spring / summer flowers of iconic design houses.

Pepper stalk

Another hot spice on the podium. A deep yellow-green tone from the heart of nature itself. In his power - to balance juicy colors, to revive neutrals: nude, beige, gray. "Pepper stalk" is good basic in dresses, cardigans, sweaters. Alberta Ferretti, Dries Van Noten have enriched their spring wardrobe with "Pepper Stalk".

Golden Aspen

“Golden Aspen” - the choice of Carolina Herrera, Escada, Givenchy, Max Mara... The basis is versatility. The golden yellow tone feels confident in the spring-summer wardrobe, in monochrome and combined format. Representatives of the mass market Pull & Bear, Bershka actively use it in their collections.

Blue Princess

An exquisite deep blue tone with a gleam of jewels - the choice of royalty. "Princess Blue" is combined with yellow, red, nude. On the catwalk, the color appeared in the embodiment of oversized suits, flowing tunics Dries Van Noten, Adeam. Today, the fashionable color of clothing is available to everyone.


Caramel toffee - in the fashion - diet of brands Jil Sander, Max Mara, Prada. She is good in monochrome looks and combinations with bright shades of spring and summer colors. So I want to taste the caramel-cream sweaters, blouses, coats. Pantone's 2019 Color of the Year is an unbridled experiment.

Mango mojito

Delicious, juicy golden yellow color of the Jamaican sun... He exudes calmness, comfort. Pantsuits, overalls, maxi dresses in the shade of Pantone are the highlight of the fashionista's style of the upcoming season. Carolina Herera, Dundas drank Mango Mojito to the bottom.

Terrarium Moss

Spring-Summer 2019 opens a palette created by nature itself. Where, if not on the podium, can the townspeople see "Terrarium Moss"? The tone duplicates the natural color of sphagnum moss. This is a plexus of gray, brown, green. "Terrarium moss" is in demand from Nicole Miller, Erica Cavallinni.

Sweet lilac

“Sweet lilac” - for those in love in pastel and soft pink tones. The color exudes charm, serenity. Chanel, Valentino, Moschino could not resist the sweetness of lilacs.

The color is stated in the models of raincoats, dresses, overalls of the spring-summer collection.

Trendy colors spring-summer - 4 base colors. Their credo is neutrality.

Light beige "Soybean" is revealed in an ensemble with other shades of the spring-summer 2019 palette. "Eclipse" mesmerizes with dark blue depth in mono-images and combinations. Milky-white "Sweet corn" with its unobtrusiveness, delicacy soothes, balances the wardrobe. Combinations with brown, beige, gray, black, orange are just some of the potential looks.

Rich and austere Granite Brown is the foundation for straight, confident bows.

Replenish your wardrobe with haute couture colors now to welcome the spring / summer season in full gear.