Twinset - a universal set for all occasions

There is not a single woman who would not ask the question "what to wear today?" It is not always possible to solve it quickly. And what problem arises when it is cold in the morning and hot in the afternoon, or when you need to go to the theater or restaurant after work. Do not carry a part of your wardrobe with you?!

The problem was solved back in the 30s by American women of fashion who invented a twinset - a two-piece set consisting of a top and a cardigan.

Twinset can be made of knitwear, silk, wool, cotton and even synthetics. It is a deep-cut cardigan that can be worn underneath a top with or without short sleeves. The name speaks for itself - twin-set, meaning two items. They are made from the same fabric and come in different styles: classic, sporty, romantic and nautical.

The first is the most popular, often done in calm light colors. Romantic twins are decorated with embroidery, lace and beads. Sports sets are often brightly colored, contain a minimum of details, and nautical-style twins are sewn from striped fabric.

What to wear with a twinset?

Due to their versatility, twinsets have long become one of the basic elements of the wardrobe. They can be combined with almost all clothing: jeans, trousers, skirts, dresses, capri pants, sundresses. The cardigan can be worn separately from the top to complement the dress, while the top will look great with jeans.

Twinset will fit well in a business style in combination with a pencil skirt or dress pants. In this case, it should be of a calm classic color. A beautiful brooch that matches the color of the cardigan will help to refresh the set.

Twinsets have gained great popularity among young girls, as well as older ladies. In these clothes, you can always look elegant and neat. When connecting with other clothes, you need to ensure that the colors and textures of the fabrics are combined.

Fashion collections are full of sets, various in cut, material and color. Especially popular are knitted models with lace trim or guipure, knitted doublets, macrame, etc. Many sets are made of luxurious cashmere and jersey, with contrasting prints, stripes, patterns. When choosing a twinset, you should be guided by the characteristics of your figure and personal taste, since popular models from fashion catwalks may not suit everyone.

Such a two-piece set easily solves the question of what to wear or visit in order to look elegant and restrained. Their color scheme is varied: classic black and white, pastel vanilla and peach, as well as all kinds of bright colors - blue, red, blue, chocolate, orange.

Who will this thing go to?

When choosing a twinset, it is necessary to take into account some features of the figure. For women with curvaceous forms, it is better to abandon embossed volumetric knitwear, which can visually add extra centimeters. Girls with short stature should avoid elongated cardigans, which increase the chances of appearing even lower.

Selection of accessories

Accessories for such sets should be chosen carefully so as not to overload the outfit with unnecessary details. Decorations in a simple and sophisticated style will look harmonious. You can give preference to a thin chain, an exquisite ring, a classic string of pearls or a stylish watch. The main thing is not to exceed the sense of proportion and to approach the issue with taste.

Twinset is an opportunity to fantasize, create different images, come up with your own individual style. This set will not gather dust in the wardrobe, it will make it possible to create different looks for all occasions.

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