What can I wear chinos with? Stylish photo ideas 2021/2022

Chinos literally burst into fashion and immediately fell in love with girls who are aware of the most fashionable trends! These clothes are loose trousers made of linen or lightweight durable cotton, with cut-off front pockets.

Comfortable and practical, these trousers are the perfect replacement for boring jeans. In the past, chinos pants were part of the military uniform, from where they moved to women's wardrobe with great success. Today they have become the basis of sets in casual, ivy, preppy styles. Translated from Spanish, chinos means "Chinese".

In 1898, during the hostilities, US Army soldiers were sewn uniforms from cotton, which was produced in China. Subsequently, the soldiers began to call the word chinos not only the fabric, but also the trousers that were sewn from it. Thus, at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, the famous trousers got their name. Sometimes chinos are confused with similar military-style trousers, although they differ slightly from each other. These trousers are slightly tapered at the bottom and look more like costume ones in style. Now they can be found in the collections of many fashion brands; they have acquired the status of favorite clothes among stars and ordinary people.

Fashionable this season "Chinese women" have a loose fit, top with tucks and a slightly high waist. They do not restrict movement at all.

Variety of Chinos

The length of the trousers can be slightly below the ankle, but can be worn slightly tucked up. Tuck them slightly casually for several times. Nowadays, the latter option is most often used for everyday wardrobe. Important! "Kitayki" should not be free on you, they should sit exactly on the figure.

Olive, beige and blue and their shades are the primary colors of 2021.

These versatile shades can be easily paired with a wide variety of clothing.

What can girls wear with Chinos?

Real "Chinese women" are sewn from 100% natural fabrics, nylon trousers are no longer chinos. For lovers of shoes without a heel, these trousers are a real find. Complemented with oxford shoes, they will give androgyny to even the most feminine girls, and this is important in achieving career growth.

What to wear (tops, shoes, accessories)?

Loafers in combination with chinos, on the contrary, will help you to feel more free in the office environment and will give comfort during informal communication. "Chinos" will also be great combined with shoes with heels or wedges.

Wear them with colorful shoes and tops for a slightly aggressive look. These trousers are a favorite model of young girls, but often older people also prefer them. Such models are sewn for any weather and all seasons. In hot summer, combine "Chinese" with light blouses and loose-fitting shirts. The top can be tucked into the pants completely or just in the front.

In cooler weather, combine women's chinos with blazers, leather jackets, and even loose knit cardigans. Ankle boots will fit well with the latter. Trousers with a tucked bottom in combination with high-heeled sandals will look good. Another good combination is gladiator sandals flat and a jacket.

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As for accessories, you can give free rein to your imagination - pick up bags, clutches, hats, scarves, pendants. A win-win option is bracelets. This model of pants suits almost everyone, you just need to find your model!