What can I wear with a fur vest? Fashion options 2021-2022!

What can I wear with a fur vest? This type of clothing is suitable for girls leading an active lifestyle, makes it easy to move and saves from the cold. But, perhaps, its main purpose is to complement the outfit with the beauty of fur.

A straight vest made of hide, apparently, was also worn by cavemen. For a long time, the Russian costume has been known for fur warmth - a short vest, often trimmed along the edges with more expensive fur. Such fur clothes are present in the national costumes of many peoples. Fashion designers, inspired by hoary antiquity, allowed the modern fashionista to feel like Diana the hunter, throwing her trophy over her shoulders.

Today, fur vests are sewn from expensive furs with a long pile (silver fox, arctic fox, etc.), often the back is made of leather or leather inserts are sewn into sides (such models are slimmer). Models made of short nap fur (sheepskin, astrakhan fur) are also relevant, but they should not look rough. In fashionable furs, artificial material is increasingly used, it is only slightly inferior to natural, but lighter and more environmentally friendly.

What fur vests are in fashion in 2021-2022?

Models of the classic "vest" cut are in fashion, straight, loose, without a fastener. Vests-blousons with zippers are also in fashion. Length - often short or to the hips, but sometimes longer models are also found. The colors are often natural and, alternatively, furs are dyed in bright colors.

A fashionable fur vest is both functional, comfortable clothing and a stylish, sometimes extravagant accessory or expressive addition to the outfit. It is best combined with urban style, folklore and free styles ( boho, hippie...) and especially with country style. Other combinations can be created though.

What can you combine with a fur vest?

Modern fashion loves contrasts, so a fur vest is recommended to be worn with romantic dresses made of fine fabric with ruffles and frills. An item made of luxurious fur will worthily complement a New Year's dress or cocktail outfit.

vest. Note that it is he who is the soloist in the costume, attracting the main attention to himself. Therefore, it is better to choose a model made of beautiful fur and combine it with basic things: trousers and tight skirts, cashmere suits, jumpers and turtlenecks.

And again, remember the contrast rule; voluminous vests with long fur are combined with tight-fitting things, models with short fur - with looser ones, short vests - with long skirts, long ones - with short ones (however, the exceptions only confirm the rules).

In winter, a fluffy cozy little thing will help you out in a cool room, you can go to work in it or study. It will not only warm but also allow you to look gorgeous. In addition, a loose fur vest can be put on top of a light jacket, turning it into a winter thing.

Such a vest is just a godsend for women driving; does not restrict movement, warms and emphasizes the style of modern Amazons.

Another fashionable combination; a fur vest with leather pants or a skirt.

This fluffy thing is not just winter clothes. Today, fashion designers offer to wear fur and leather in the summer, actively using these materials in their summer collections. It will be appropriate for a picnic or a country walk, for travel lovers. It will warm you on a summer night by the fire, will not let you in the mountains... You can wear it with comfortable sportswear; jeans, shorts, shirts, T-shirts... Or choose a romantic option, wear a "gypsy" skirt, an open top or a loose "hip" blouse.

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Who will wear a fur vest?

Long, fluffy models will suit slim tall girls. For those who are short, it is better to choose shorter models, to the waist or to the hips, they are suitable for vests with a blouson cut, fitted or models with a belt. Overweight girls and women will not fit vests completely made of long fur, they are too voluminous. Models with a short nap or leather inserts are more suitable for such girls.