What can I wear with a puffed vest? Stylish and warm looks for the off-season

For several seasons in a row, a puffed vest has been part of fashionable bows. This situation is not accidental. After all, this is not just comfortable clothing, but also a way to showcase your outfits without risking your health. Especially in the spring and autumn period.


Fashionable styles and materials

If a sleeveless jacket made of synthetic winterizer or other similar materials was bought several years ago, then it has already lost its relevance. The vest in each season has its own characteristics, for example:

  • type of stitching;
  • firmware drawing;
  • decoration with embroidery or rhinestones;
  • models with fur;
  • the presence of zippers, buttons, snakes or other types of fasteners, etc.

As basic materials to create a stylish female wardrobe item, the following are used:

  • jeans;
  • polyester;
  • Bologna;
  • duspo;
  • Cloak fabrics.

A very popular women's vest of the style " autolady", which allows you to feel comfortable in the car and outside. For lovers of sports style, a puffed vest with a hood is appropriate.

The very principle of creating blown models implies that a synthetic winterizer or fluff is placed between the layers of fabric. Additional quilting of the fabric may not even be used, although such models look more sophisticated. Another advantage of quilting is that the filler does not get lost during wear and during washing. Down is more capricious to care for than synthetic winterizer, but it is warmer and more comfortable.

How to find length?

Modern designers create different models of inflated vests. In your own wardrobe, you can have several at once, if, in addition to fabric, colors and textures, they have different lengths. The most common styles:

  • bolero;
  • models to the waist;
  • A padded vest to the thigh or knee.

Bolero vests are not recommended for girls of short stature, as they visually make their height even smaller. This option is contraindicated in the case of large breasts, since it makes the female figure disproportionate.

It is risky to wear a quilted vest to the waist line for those who do not have very long legs - it becomes even more noticeable.

Fashionable long vests up to the knee and even slightly lower are suitable for girls of short stature, but they are not recommended to be worn with a skirt.

What to wear and how to combine a puffy vest with other things

If you wear such an item of clothing incorrectly, it can destroy the entire female image. Actual combinations:

  • jeans, turtleneck or blazer and vest;
  • knee-length dress or maxi in combination with a bolero vest;
  • pants in casual style or sports with a vest with large quilting.

Don't be afraid to add a vest to your skirt. It can also be inflated in winter and autumn. In the cool season, a combination with shorts is allowed. The main task is not to mix this thing with things of a classic or business style.

Shoes and accessories

Such a laconic version of clothing as a puffed vest, also implies the presence of jewelry and accessories, but they should be very invisible. Neat black glasses (no rhinestones and floral motifs, a thin chain or small earrings).

From shoes, the vest goes well with:

  • boots made of fabric and suede with pleats in the ankle area;
  • boots on a high platform;
  • boots and duffel boots ;
  • sneakers, sneakers and arrowroots;
  • with ugg boots and high boots ;
  • high boots made of genuine leather.

The most important accessory is the scarf. It can be voluminous, made of woolen threads or finely knitted. With it, you can lengthen your silhouette or hide your neck from the cold. Those who have a short neck by nature should abandon the combination of voluminous scarves and a vest.

You can't imagine a woman without a bag. It is not very convenient to use small shoulder bags with a puffed vest. Clutches are completely out of place. But the following are perfect:

  • leather or textile backpacks;
  • baguettes;
  • hobo;
  • saddlebags;
  • weekend;
  • barrel bag.

Goggles do not affect compatibility with a padded vest. It is worth picking up more of them depending on the weather. Large glasses, if they fit the geometry of a woman's face, will be more preferable. Brooches and jewelry with sparkling details are inappropriate.

Among women's headdresses, one should prefer:

  • knitted and crocheted hats;
  • headbands, including knitted;
  • caps made of fabric and leather.

If the image uses a long skirt or dresses, experiments with small and neat felt hats are acceptable.

Fashion Looks 2021-2022

It is worth taking a close look at photos from magazines or fashion shows to see if the vest that was purchased several years ago can be improved. After all, fashion is cyclical, albeit whimsical. Perhaps some of these photos will give you new ideas for creating an image.