What can I wear with a tulip skirt? 50 stylish photos 2022

Tulip skirt 2022 is a model gathered at the waist in pleats or gathering and tapered at the bottom by means of a cut. Its silhouette really resembles an inverted flower bud. It is similar in shape to a balloon skirt, but it is cut differently, less lush and more democratic. A tulip can be a mini or midi length (such a model is not made with a maxi length, unlike a "balloon skirt"), it can have a yoke (straight or curly).

What are the models?

These skirts are sewn from thin fabrics that keep their shape and / or well draped. There is a trendy version of the high-waisted skirt. Recently, fashion designers began to add additional details to this model; pockets, draperies, asymmetric folds, imitation of smell, etc. It can also be part of a trendy tulip dress.

She came into fashion thanks to Christian Dior and his legendary "new look" style, vividly illustrating the flirty femininity of French fashion. Then such a skirt was considered extravagant, it was worn only by courageous women of fashion. Today this model is at the height of fashion, but in a slightly different capacity.

The new tulip skirt is, first of all, an elegant feminine model for every day (of course, it is also suitable as an evening one)... This model fits organically into a business style and is suitable even for office work.

With what and how to wear a tulip skirt in 2022?

This is how bright summer models and models of restrained colors for autumn are cut. Such skirts are rarely decorated with prints, more often they are monochromatic or with a regular pattern (cage, polka dots, "chicken foot",) or a pattern over the entire surface of the fabric. Fashion designers in 2022 use them in Art Nouveau collections. With a tulip skirt, they wear, first of all, tight-fitting things, thin jumpers, tops, short jackets. It is fashionable to wear it with a bandeau top or bodice. A fitted jacket looks especially beautiful with her.

Classic blouses work well. It can be worn with extended shoulders and puffed sleeves to create a balanced silhouette. The waist is emphasized with a belt (especially if it is inflated). Shoes are more suitable for graceful and heels; open toe and classic shoes, sandals with thin straps, ankle boots. Fashionable models of sandals with ties on the ankles or summer boots are especially suitable for a tulip skirt. And in winter and autumn - high boots and jackboots. This skirt is primarily intended for girls who want to showcase beautiful, long legs and a thin waist (if you are not too happy with the upper part of your legs, it is better to choose the length just over the knee). But all the problems in the hip area (excess or insufficient volume), this model perfectly hides.

Who will wear this skirt?

For overweight girls this skirt suits more than pencil skirt, it better repeats feminine forms and emphasizes them in dignity. Of course, full ladies should prefer the midi length. And for short, slender girls, a mini long model in combination with high-heeled shoes is very suitable. Only tall and slender ladies can afford to wear it with ballerinas and flat sandals.

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