What can I wear with an elongated vest? 100 stylish photo images 2021-2022

The elongated waistcoat caught the attention of most fashionistas a few years ago. And for good reason, since such an outfit is able to complement any image and can be easily combined with all things. It is worn with business suits, casual and evening dresses, and even with sportswear. It not only looks elegant, but also makes the figure more slender. In addition, you can wear it at any time of the year, since there are quite a few options for this sleeveless coat. And now in more detail about this.

Choose what to wear:

Variety of models

If you think that an elongated vest should be made only in strict English style from a coat fabric, you are deeply mistaken... There can be a lot of varieties of tailoring of this wardrobe item. The most popular of them:

  1. Fitted. It will easily help to balance the figure, hiding its flaws, suitable for girls of short stature. It is better to wear it with tapered trousers, skinny, leggings.
  2. The trapezoidal cut is ideal for tall girls or ladies with a pear figure.
  3. Under the belt. Suitable for those who want to focus on the waist, namely, girls with an hourglass figure.
  4. Straight - this is the most common cut, as it suits absolutely all ladies of different builds and ages. To add elegance to the silhouette, stylists recommend wearing it unbuttoned. If you want to look modern and stylish, choose this option.

Since such a jacket is worn not only in the cold season, but also in warm summer weather, a variety of materials is selected for its sewing - linen, cotton, denim, wool, fur, openwork, leather, coat and costume fabrics.

In the new season of 2021, light openwork vests without sleeves will be in fashion, easily combined with tight pants, skirts and dresses. But such a product looks the most interesting with shorts and tops. The top can be very different, but it is better to wear something with or without short sleeves - top, blouse, T-shirt and so on.

Another current trend is an elongated boho vest. It can be combined with ripped jeans, shorts, long and short skirts, dresses and sundresses. Shoes should be chosen without a heel - ballet flats, sandals, sneakers.

For cool summer weather or evenings, you can wear a denim blue long sleeveless raincoat to match many outfits.

In cool rainy weather - a great alternative to jackets and raincoats. Such a miracle is combined with everything that is possible. Since it is made of coat fabric, sweaters, pullovers, turtlenecks and blouses are perfect for it. The most fashionable color of the year is pink and beige.

For several seasons in a row, a fur vestis very popular , which goes well with everyday and evening looks. It is necessary to wear stiletto heels to it. The top and bottom are very different - tight and straight jeans, leggings, floor-length skirts.

What can you wear with an elongated vest to look stylish?

An elongated vest is perhaps the most versatile item in a woman's wardrobe, because it can be combined with absolutely all outfits. But let's start in order.


Combination with jeans

The favorite clothes of all girls are jeans. After all, they are as versatile as a fashionable long vest, which means they can be combined with it without any problems. Lovers of convenience for everyday life can wear any jeans, turtleneck or sweater and low-soled shoes (sneakers, trainers, lovers, oxfords ).

Stiletto heels, an elegant top and a beautiful massive necklace will help to create an evening look. In this case, an elongated vest must be worn unbuttoned.

With trousers

Trousers of all models and colors, like jeans, are ideal for a sleeveless jacket. It all depends on the bow you choose. For spring 2022, narrow models are more suitable. Tops, shirts and shoes on any soles (heels, flat, platform, wedge) will complement them. For overweight ladies, we recommend taking dark shades, for example, burgundy bottom and dark gray top.

With leggings and skinny

A popular trend of the last few years is skinny and leggings. An elongated vest is perfectly combined with them. And don't forget the high heels.

With culottes and cropped trousers

With culottes, the styles of outerwear that are long below the thigh are best worn only by tall, slender ladies, because wide short pants visually make them look fat. The same applies to cropped narrow trousers (again, short, curvy beauties were not lucky).

Combination with skirts and dresses

An elongated jacket with dresses and skirts looks very advantageous. Here, too, there are many options to choose from. You can easily create a boho, casual or office look. A more strict, office style will turn out if you put on a straight skirt, a classic blouse and an elongated vest that is fitted or straight cut.

Combination with shorts

Shorts combined with a long jacket are ideal for summer. You can choose denim or leather models. It is best to emphasize contrast, such as black shorts, a light gray elongated vest, and a white printed T-shirt.

In cold weather, it is permissible to wear tights and boots. Choose a warmer top - a turtleneck or a pullover.

What shoes and accessories should I choose?

Shoes for sleeveless garments can be worn in a variety of ways, depending on the style and season. On heels:

  • shoes,
  • sandals,
  • high boots,
  • ankle boots.


As for accessories, it all depends on your imagination and preferences in the image: baseball caps, hats, thin caps.

The elongated vest will help you quickly create the necessary image in any situation. And since you can combine it with all the outfits in your wardrobe, you should definitely get such a thing.