What can I wear with cropped trousers? 95 looks for all seasons of 2021

Cropped trousers are becoming one of the most common and sought-after clothing options, they are popular in offices, find fans among young people, and are in demand among women of all ages. Someone will allow cropped trousers to demonstrate a thin ankle, while others will visually add a couple of kilograms and “take away” 10 cm in height. How to figure out which case is yours, choose the right trousers and combine them beautifully with other clothes - this is about this in our article.


A bit of history

Cropped trousers have one nice feature for women. The leg, which looks fragile out of the wide leg, successfully emphasizes the female insecurity, grace and adds its own charm to the created image. The idea to wear such pants came after the Second World War, when it was femininity that was most in demand by society.

The authorship is attributed to two historical figures. German fashion designer Sonia de Lennart and Italian Emilio Pucci, who named this style in honor of the island of his stay - Capri.

Who will go with the shortened cut?

When choosing pants, you should be careful and try to avoid visual disturbance of the harmony of the figure. With an unsuccessful selection, they can both visually make the legs shorter and maintain the impression that the hostess has grown out of the things she has put on and they are simply short to her.

To avoid such an undesirable effect, give preference to styles with a high waist, and also stay on options when the bottom of the product falls on the narrowest part of the leg. The tops tapering towards the bottom will visually reduce the silhouette. Straight wide legs on a solid figure are best avoided.

The choice of style must be performed taking into account the peculiarities of the figure:

  • Narrow cropped trousers look harmonious on a woman of any height, but they draw well the line of the legs and can be recommended only to those who are confident in the harmony and good shape of their legs.

  • Pants extended downwards will suit women of any shape. Slender persons can wear them both with short jackets and blouses. Ladies of curvaceous shapes are better suited for hips that cover the hips.

  • A narrow model can be confidently worn by a proportionally folded woman of medium size, when choosing, give preference not too much tight pants that resemble leggings.

  • Boyfriends hide more figure flaws, they can be recommended to be worn by women with luxurious hips. A darker color for the bottom or a monochromatic version of the entire set will well cover wide forms.

  • Tapered at the bottom, but with a lot of folds and a lot of upper part can be worn for women with wide hips, the drapery can successfully hide the spaciousness of the volumes.

Office version

Fashion designers offer different styles of trousers. High or slightly low waist and a strict cut are quite suitable for office style and allow these things to be worn by a business woman. Models of straight cut with arrows are perfectly combined with jackets, blouses, vests. Delightful alternative to classic pants.

In this case, it is better to give preference to purely office tones: blue, gray, brown and beige. Of course, the classics are perfect for the office: black and white. Austere tailoring implies solid color and minimalism in detail. Naturally, cropped jeans should not be worn to the office or to business meetings.

As a shoe, it can be recommended for tall and slender business women - models with a small stable heel. For the rest, open-toe boat-style shoes are perfect. It is better for ladies of juicy forms to take a closer look and put on graceful shoes, but you should not give preference to too thin stilettos, harmony should be observed in the image.

Youth trousers with flat shoes

The cut of short pants includes an open ankle, which does not always have ideal shapes. In this case, well-chosen shoes are able to visually correct the lower part of the leg.

Women with a large size should combine short pants only with shoes with heels, even if they are small, and be sure to avoid thick men's soles. They will make the look heavier.

Men's cut pants work well with flat or flat shoes such as loafers, boots or moccasins. It will not be difficult to choose what to wear with short youth pants. Shoes with a fastener and a small heel are well suited, which favorably emphasize the graceful curve of a woman's leg.

For a casual look, pair short pants (both jeans and culottes) with sneakers and sneakers.

Feminine flying models

When forming a spring and summer wardrobe, it is better to focus on convenience and comfort. Wide cropped trousers come to the fore. In this case, the wardrobe will be well complemented by culottes and palazzo trousers.

Flying dynamic styles look good in a bright and hot summer. The most popular materials in the summer are silk, satin and cotton. You can use artificial or mixed thin fabrics, and give preference to bright colors: red, fuchsia, yellow.

The shortened version of the pants is considered a win-win for slender tall persons. If the height is less, before creating a complete image, the hostess will have to experiment a lot with the length of the product and the height of the heel.

What can I wear with cropped trousers in winter?

When compiling a set for the winter, special attention should be paid to the combination of the length of the shoe and the shortened bottom. You should not tuck the product into the boots, if folds form, they can ruin the image. The best winter combination would be boots or ankle boots.

In the case of a wide cut, it is recommended to wear pants over boots, but special attention should be paid to the length, it should cover the shoes. Remember that in certain situations panty hoses can become the property of the public, so you need to pay special attention to their color and quality.

As a top for winter time, cropped fitted sheepskin coats, jackets, coats are well suited. Choose traditional winter fabrics as material: wool, drape, cashmere, and jeans with corduroy.

Shoes with stable heels are good for the cold season, they can lengthen the silhouette and make the ankle area more graceful.

Fashionable novelties of cropped trousers 2021-2022

In the new season, the 7/8 length is very popular and relevant. Styles can be very diverse in width and quality: tabernacles, pipes, classic models, jeans. Choosing the right pants among the proposed options for fashionable clothes and experimenting with the choice of shoes, you can create a beautiful bow in any style.