What can I wear with women's slip-ons 2022? Variety of styles

What are slip-ons? First of all, these are very comfortable shoes. Plus, they allow you to experiment, creating new and unique looks. With the help of them, you can transform into both a bully and an elegant girl.

It is also the favorite shoe of young people. It is very light and easy to wear, thanks to which it has gained immense popularity. Dear fashionistas, if you are tired of heels, sneakers, sneakers, then this model will be a great alternative for you. But with what to wear slip-ons, we will tell you in this article.

History of origin

In 1977, the founder of the Vans brand introduced slip-ons to the fashion market. Initially, they were intended only for male surfers, like lightweight sports shoes. And only in 1982 their popularity increased among the general population. This change was facilitated by the release of Rapid Change at Ridgemont High School. They are very popular nowadays. And the numerous design allows you to combine them with any wardrobe items.

Why are they so popular?

Slip-ons are lightweight shoes without lacing. This is perhaps the main reason for their popularity. Everything is quite simple and concise, put on and ran about his business, which is very important for active people.

The design is so simple that the leg looks very neat. They can be decorated with decorative laces or be plain colors without any accessories. In any case, the leg will look smaller.

These slippers have a wide enough last, which is simply necessary in the summer for comfortable wear. It is also a big plus for women with wide feet, because it often complicates the search for shoes.

What to combine with?

These slippers belong to the type of footwear that is not afraid of experimentation. They are versatile and go well with jeans as well as sweat skirts and dresses. Therefore, dear women of fashion, if you are worried about the question of what to wear slip-on sneakers with, the answer is very simple - with everything. Of course, you shouldn't combine them with the classic style, because they were originally created as sports shoes. But it is quite possible to try to combine them with skirts and even dresses.

here the imagination of designers is huge. Bright, juicy colors are perfect for creating a summer look, while classic colors (gray, white, black) will perfectly fit into a casual outfit. For the fair half of humanity, there are also slip-ons with bright color patterns, prints and even lace. They will help you create light romantic motives. On a hot day, wear them with a short dress or cute shorts.

For a casual look, a patterned option paired with folded jeans and a T-shirt is perfect.

For cooler seasons, pair them with skinny jeans, a T-shirt and a jacket. In addition, their classic version is perfectly combined with leggings, so popular among girls.

shoes are not for everyone. Or rather, not for owners of small stature. However, with the help of slip-ons, on the contrary, you can visually add a few centimeters to your height. Simply choose the right style and color for your trousers. For dark tones, choose dark slip-on sneakers, for light tones, choose light ones. This technique will stretch your legs, give them harmony.

With a hint of the classics

Despite the fact that this shoe is primarily considered to be sports, the classic style has not bypassed it. All you need is to be able to correctly combine business items and shoes. Stop your choice on a classic model in a dark color, without any decorative element. Preferable leather model. These shoes will look more formal, allowing you to pair them with a suit.

What would you wear slip-ons with?

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Slip-on Fashion 2022

The season spring - summer 2022 still dictates to us the "sport-chic" style. The GIVENCHY designers offer us this season to wear printed models, designed in fairly calm colors. They are perfect for everyday wear, and for lovers of glitter, they have developed bright variations with sequins. Brand maker Stella McCartney, NO.21 showcases high-soled slippers. This option will surely please girls of small stature. VANS will delight its customers with bright neon colors and glitter. For a more restrained and classic look, slip-on sneakers JIMMYCHOO, MARKUSLUPFER are suitable.