What should mom wear for prom 2022? How to and how not to?

Graduation is an important and solemn event not only for schoolchildren, but also for their parents. And if with dads and tie suits, as a rule, everything is clear, then mothers sometimes need help. For them, this is a reason to show that they are not only the most caring, attentive, organized, but also the most beautiful, fashionable, stylish.

We invite our dear mothers, no less dear graduates, to take a deep breath, exhale and carefully read this article, which will provide answers to all exciting questions. No, we don't know how to pass the exam... But we know exactly what to wear for your child's graduation party!

Correcting mistakes

In order not to make our fashionable mistakes, we will analyze other people's.

  1. A sense of proportion.If a mother, due to her workload, does not often appear "in the light", then, of course, the lack of practice leads her into a cloakroom dead end. Hence the desire often arises, I don’t know what to wear, but all the best at once! This is the number one mistake. As Coco Chanel bequeathed: "When choosing accessories, take off what you put on last." Some ladies want to take off not only some of the accessories, but also a pound of excess makeup and the same amount of hairspray.
  2. Minimalism.The reverse side of the first point is the complete lack of accessories, hair, makeup. If a woman is completely satisfied with herself and believes that she is good even in a dressing gown and curlers, this does not mean at all that you can not follow the dress code of a festive event. People around who carefully prepared for the celebration, this is perceived as disrespect. But we are educated ladies!
  3. Berry again.There is a gap between looking young and looking young... which is easy to cross by wearing an ultra short skirt, ultra deep neckline and holding a Hello Kitty bag. The elegant age is so wonderful that you can wear amazing things in which the girls look ridiculous. These are luxurious trouser suits, sheath dresses, large jewelry and much more, which we will definitely talk about soon.
  4. At my age, this is indecent.So for some reason many mothers think, and for some reason they dress like grandmothers. And these are not the stylish grandmothers who pose for fashion photographers in their 70s. We are talking about shapeless dresses, knitted sweaters and hairstyles, as if on purpose, giving a few extra years.

Now that you know what not to do, let's talk about what to wear for mom at the prom?


What you should pay attention to:


The optimal length for such a festive event as prom is cocktail midi and evening maxi. An elegant knee-length (or palm below), combined with pumps with heels, emphasizes the most beautiful part of the leg - the ankle. A floor-length dress makes the image incredibly feminine and romantic.


For midi lengths, the ideal cut is a case. He suits any figure, emphasizes the merits, and, if necessary, hides the flaws.

If you want to visually reduce the volume of your hips, choose a light case with dark or black inserts on the sides. To visually lengthen the legs - a model with an accent on the waist, for example, a thin contrasting strap. The deep V neckline also helps "stretch" the silhouette.

A dress to the floor can be narrow, in figure, to show everyone that you are not visiting the fitness club "for show". Do not show it all at once, let the accent be either the neckline or a spicy high cut. If you are the owner of lush feminine forms, then a wrap dress would be the perfect choice.

High waist and emphasis on the chest will emphasize a clear dignity, and a free flowing skirt will give confidence, and will not hinder movement.


Graduation takes place in summer, so a sleeveless dress would be the best option. But not all mothers are confidently ready to open their arms, so you can choose a model whose long sleeves are completely made of thin lace. It is solemn, feminine and very beautiful.


Sometimes, a light or snow-white trouser suit can look more solemn and more luxurious than any dress.

Wide palazzo trousers made of light flowing fabric look very elegant... A structured jacket is perfect for them. Based on the type of figure, it can be either cropped with long sleeves, or mid-thigh length with ¾ sleeves, or elongated sleeveless.

Cape will be a stylish replacement for a jacket. It is better to wear a lingerie-style silk top under the jacket / cape. Don't forget the oversized necklace and high heels.

If you are bold and stylish boy's mom, you can put on his prom tuxedo. You shouldn't take risks and put on a suit on a naked body, but the same top in lingerie style is the very thing.


, stylish evening overalls. With trim, lace, low-cut back, short or long sleeves - for any body type and occasion. And the prom is just a great reason to try on a luxurious jumpsuit, for example, made of silk or thin velvet. Trousers can be either narrowed or wide. For an evening jumpsuit, you need a miniature clutch and shoes with high, stable heels.

Dear mothers, do not forget about yourself on such a significant day. You have devoted so many years to ensuring that your son or daughter graduates well from school. And now, more than worthy, buy yourself a luxurious dress, dizzying hairpins, do your hair and makeup from the best masters and go to your own prom, too.

P. S. Please note that all the models of dresses and suits shown in this article, although shown by young slender girls, are quite suitable for stylish and elegant mothers of adult schoolchildren. Yes, even to those who do not wear size S.:)