What to wear in Spring 2021? Fashionable basic wardrobe in the photo

Changing seasons is often associated with a wardrobe update and a closet revision. In the spring, we especially want something new. At the same time, we check if the things we wore a year ago are up to date.

Here is a great guide to basic spring wardrobe with photo examples. We will look at examples of the current base and fashion trends for those who love new items. Use the table of contents to navigate to the section that interests you, check your wardrobe for relevance and look for ideas for new spring purchases.

In this article:

Actual colors and decor of spring 2021

Fashion for color is very conditional, in fact, no color can go out of fashion. Cut things are out of fashion, so it is important to choose clothes of current styles. It is considered fashionable those colors that are repeated more often than others in the collections of different brands and designers. If you don't like them, feel free to use the colors you like.

If the fashionable color is included among your favorites, then if you wish, you can dress in it from head to toe: there will be more things of this color on the market than usual.

On the catwalks of spring collections, juicy and delicate pastels, shades of orange, yellow, red are especially noticeable, fuchsia, blue, lavender and turquoise.

Many variations on the rainbow theme - from prints to a combination of multi-colored things in one set.

Gradients and abstract prints, mix of prints, black and white geometry are in fashion. Monochrome is still popular.

As a decor in spring collections are actively used embroidery, fringe, feathers, sequins. If you like such elegant textures, give preference to things of a simple cut. You can combine them with simple everyday items for day trips.

The popularity of workwear has led to a trend for pockets. Patch pockets of different sizes are a fashionable item for spring 2021.

Dresses and skirts

The choice of a basic dress and skirt for the spring depends on your lifestyle, figure and comfort. At the moment, the general trend in clothes is oversized and semi-fitted cut, when there is a little air between the body and the thing.

Midi remains the most versatile length when the skirt ends just below the knee or at the narrowest part of the lower leg. The A-line skirt is also the most versatile for any figure.

If you are not satisfied with the universal solutions, take a look at the following skirts and dresses for spring wardrobe:

  • Spring 2021 mini trend: designers offer us ultra short skirts and dresses. For weather and appropriateness, wear this length with 50den thick tights in any color other than nude.

  • Pencil skirts and wrap skirts have been featured in many spring collections.

  • Draperies, ruffles and sophisticated cuts have returned to the delight of lovers of more feminine and romantic silhouettes.

  • Leather remains in favor, especially colored... A dress made of leather or leatherette is more comfortable to wear on a T-shirt or a turtleneck.

  • Denim, or rather total denim, is another spring trend. Therefore, pay attention to denim dresses and skirts.

  • Imitation corset, slits and cuts, puff sleeves and 70s style are all the rage this spring. An option for those who are bored with the base, or who already have one.

  • Trench dresses and white shirt dresses are a trend that will add zest to your spring wardrobe and migrate in the summer.

Suits, jackets and vests

Several seasons ago suits became an important part of the basic wardrobe. They are practical and add significantly to the number of sets. Skirt options in the spring of 2021 are popular along with pants.

Long-lasting solid suit or a suit in a cage with an elongated slightly fitted jacket. There were many jackets on the catwalks with a textile belt made of the same material.

If you want something newcomer, choose cropped jackets to the waist and oversized suits from the male shoulder. The trendy colors are black and white check.

In spring collections, many brands showed three-piece suits. Waistcoats are back in vogue as part of the costume and as a stand-alone item. They can be of different designs and materials. If you want to try something new this spring, take a look.


Trousers, jeans and shorts

Shorts are back on the fashionable Olympus. Designers offer both mini and elongated knee-length shorts. Loose fit and leather are in trend. Shorts should be regarded as an alternative to a skirt and complemented in the same way.

If you want to put in your wardrobe not only basic but also trendy trousers, choose leather trousers or cargo trousers.

Otherwise, the choice of trousers or jeans depends on your preferences and shape. The current base is straight and free-cut models with a normal and high fit.

By the way, the low seating position is back on the catwalks. Most likely, this is a fast trend that is with us for 1-2 seasons. If you are interested in it, and the low fit really suits you, then you need to wear it differently than in the 2000s. Learning from Victoria Beckham.


Turtlenecks, jumpers, sweaters and cardigans in a spring wardrobe are needed by almost everyone. In addition to the usual combinations, they can serve as the first or second layer in a multi-layer set. Elongated semi-fitted or oversized options are suitable as a durable base.

Bulky sleeves, ruffles, cropped models are the spring trend. Buy them if you already have a base.

Shirts, blouses, T-shirts, tops

In this product category, pay attention to polo shirts with short and long sleeves. It is both a base and a trend.

For a basic T-shirt, we need a thick fabric, a sleeve of the correct length, a loose fit. You can look for a solid color in the men's department, as well as a basic shirt.

In addition to plain colors, models with a gradient, watercolor or abstract print will be relevant in the spring.

If you want to spice up the base with trends, pay attention to crop tops, tops and blouses with cuts and cutouts, models with sequins, voluminous sleeves, draped blouses and light transparent organza blouses.


Depending on the temperature, there are several basic options for the spring top clothes.

  • A cocoon coat or robe coat will be a long lasting base. It can be semi-fitted or oversized, the form-fitting models are outdated. It is best if the coat has an English collar. The optimal length is midi or just below the thigh. Cropped coats are less versatile.

  • Choose a thin down jacket according to the same principle as a coat. Quilted down jackets and options with interesting stitching are relevant. We wear tight-fitting thin down jackets as an additional layer under a coat in cold weather.

  • A trench coat for many is a base in a spring wardrobe. If you already have a classic beige, take a look at the trends this spring: black trench coats, leather trench coats with voluminous sleeves, avant-garde cut with various interesting inserts, draperies and pleats.

  • A biker jacket or a leather jacket needs a voluminous and elongated one if you want it to last for several years. And for a change this spring, you can purchase a cropped jacket and choose an interesting color instead of the usual black.

Shoes and bags

Basic shoes and bags are a topic for another long article. Like basic clothes, they have a laconic design and fit easily into any outfit. The choice of shoes for spring 2021 is very wide.

Boots with rough soles, Chelsea, ugly sneakers, ankle boots, Cossacks, trumpet boots, loafers and shoes for warmer weather are relevant. A stable wide heel is more relevant than a stiletto heel.

If you want to buy yourself a trendy pair, choose shoes with a square toe, lacing, and an unusual heel shape. And also, stylish shoeswith heels in combination with a platform have returned to us .

In the spring of 2021, in addition to your usual shopper or tote, a backpack or a bucket bag can become your basic bag... Designers offered a lot of interesting models, including transparent or with transparent inserts. Boxing bags and suitcases are also relevant. The original version of the small belt bag.

Many brands have made unusual handles and straps... This interesting twist can make a basic bag a little more trendy.

, buy micro bags. This impractical trend is still with us, and baby bags can be found in many stores.

Tip: Use two bags in one set. This trendy combination will allow you to walk your micro bag more often.


The most popular basic accessories for spring 2021 are a belt, sunglasses (more fashionable with oversized frames), a necklace and a chain bracelet.

In addition to classic belts, long, double, wide belts, corsets and peplum are popular. There were a lot of belts made of ropes and harnesses on the catwalks. We put on belts over outerwear, jackets, sweaters, shirts and dresses.

Colored tights, knee-highs and socks got a new life. They can significantly diversify the basic kits. We wear them with sneakers, ankle boots, pumps, loafers and men's style shoes.

Be careful with contrasting colors blocks across the legs. They can visually make the legs shorter. If you want to visually stretch and make your legs slimmer, use monochrome, heels, choose the right lengths of bottoms and shoes.

Knowing the trends of spring 2021, you can competently update your wardrobe or look at it new. If you already have a good modern base, you can add to your wardrobe a few of the trendy novelties that you like the most. And if the base isn't formed, the best you can do for yourself is to fill it with the right things for your spring shopping. Happy shopping!

Article author: Polina Tonkikh, stylist @polinathin_stylist