What to wear this summer (2022) for women and girls? Stylish photo review

Hello friends! The situation in the world has made adjustments to the fashion world, because in many industries, instead of new collections, they began to sew masks, and many spring-summer collections simply disappeared, because no one would buy them up. One way or another, but you need to wear something, and, even under such conditions, you want to look stylish and good. Therefore, let's see which of the trends outlined for the summer of 2022 still managed to be realized.

What to wear this summer?

Dresses and sundresses

Of course, in the summer you cannot do without seductive dresses. Those who do not want to be very naked this summer rejoice, because maxi dresses are in fashion. Here are the most relevant styles:

  • models with a pleated skirt;
  • lingerie style dresses;
  • feminine frills and ruffles;
  • dresses with a smell;
  • fringed models;
  • knitted sundresses (“migrated” to us from last summer);
  • amazingly beautiful new items for summer 2022: double dresses, with a transparent top layer.

Mini dresses have not disappeared anywhere, but have become simpler and more concise.

Don't know what to wear this summer? Of course, the dress!

Cycling shorts - hit of summer 2022

The year before last, long forgotten bicycles just blew up fashion catwalks. Lovers of the 90s, as well as simple convenience, gladly took this thing into their everyday wardrobe. It is especially suitable for lovers of style casual and sport chic. Comfortable, beautiful and suitable for everything: from a business suit to a sporty crop-top.


An irreplaceable thing not only in the off-season, but also in hot summer, because light culottes are practically not felt on the body, which means they are the very thing that is needed in the summer heat. These trousers will be the perfect base for a basic wardrobe, as they look great as a tandem with a T-shirt and sneakers, as well as a business blouse and stiletto heels. What to wear this summer? Culottes, of course!

What should girls wear in the summer of 2022?


Comfortable, stylish and beautiful thing for the summer 2022 - cargo pants. Looks great on a slim athletic figure. If your thighs are far from ideal, be careful: patch pockets will add extra volume.

Which skirt to wear in Summer 2022?

Summer is a skirt season: the variety of models conquers and makes you dizzy. But be careful, not all skirts, like yoghurts, are equally useful. It is important not to buy an outdated cut. Now relevant:

  • avant-garde and asymmetry;
  • rough edge;
  • pleating;
  • wrap skirt;
  • permanent pencil skirt;
  • lingerie style skirts;
  • fringed;
  • summer models with sequins;
  • Denim mini also stay with us this summer.

T-shirts for the summer 2022

Without a T-shirt, no woman's wardrobe is now unthinkable. And this is correct, because there is no more universal thing to come up with. This summer the following are relevant:

  • models with inscriptions;
  • retro prints;
  • cartoons;
  • T-shirts in grunge style ;
  • other fashionable women's T-shirts at the link.

What to wear a T-shirt with?


Stylish summer shirts and blouses

Fashionable models for this summer - loose and semi-fitted blouses and shirts for every day. If you love a feminine or dramatic style, look for fitted options with free sleeves.

Cold weather

Summer is not always hot, so it is wise to consider throwing something over. Fortunately, layering is now in fashion and a sweater over a dress is now no surprise:)

  • Jacket,
  • jumper,
  • cartigan,
  • jacket,
  • sweatshirt

and many other options will make you feel comfortable.


Laconicism and strict geometry are in fashion. Natural stones, pearls and natural elements - this is the motto of summer 2022!

Shoes: sandals and sandals

Straps, shoulder straps, metallic color, transparent elements and heels of unusual shape - to create a stylish look. Follow the link for a detailed review of sandals for the summer.

What to wear in the summer of 2022 - each of we are decided by itself. We've provided ideas for creating a basic wardrobe for this summer. We hope you enjoyed it. If so, don't forget to save some images on Pinterest or share this article with your friends. And also, we have a magic bell, by clicking on which you can receive push notifications about new articles. Have a great summer!