What to wear with a pencil skirt in 2021-2022: stylish ideas for every day

This style of skirt has long been considered an indispensable element in the closet of both business women and young ladies with undisguised pleasure in emphasizing the dignity of their figure.

This piece of clothing for the fair sex has not evoked associations only with a strict, classic style for a long time. Designers deservedly consider a skirt of this cut to be the number one model. Using it, you can create unique and original outfits with the most unexpected clothing variations.

A skirt of a fitted silhouette in the new season is both an elegant image with sophisticated stiletto heels, and casual bows with rude lace-up boots, boots or shoes on low heels.

New for the season 2021/2022

The main difference of this model from other fashionable skirts is a straight cut to the figure. Can such a thing have a variety of styles? Yes, today it is presented not only with a strict design and length. Ultra-fashionable midi - just below women's knees, created for all generations. Mini is suitable for long-legged, slender persons.

Elastic knitwear was replaced by fabrics made of eco or natural leather, jeans, cashmere, suede, plain and checked suit fabrics, knitted.

Original novelties of models: asymmetric eco leather, lace, and, of course, the hit of the season with a high waist belted or with a belt.

In super-fashionable models there is a place for an immodest cut that will provide comfort when wearing a tight-fitting skirt.

A new trend "metallic" has appeared in the world of fashion. Products with this effect in gold or silver look amazing and stunning. The next know-how of the metallic bottom is the sequins, which adorn the entire skirt from bottom to top.

Checkered prints are also adopted by stylists for these models.

Warm knits never lose popularity: black, white, gray, coffee colors. For slim girls, this is a practical outfit for every day.

The eccentricity and brightness of the image will give the colors of the animal skin and with various logos. In such a bow, do not overdo task number one. It is better to wear a basic one-color thing on top.

Don't know what to wear when going on a date, holiday, business negotiations, or just go for bread? A time-tested straight skirt will come to the rescue. The main thing is to correctly compose a unique ensemble.

What does he wear with a pencil skirt? Even with the simplest T-shirt, it will look cool. A tandem skirt with blousons with voluminous sleeves looks elegant. In cool autumn weather, a duet to a fitted midi, an oversized sweater with a large pattern will look just right.

Several looks for 2021/2022

a cut, the depth of which depends on the courage of the hostess or a wrap skirt.

Looks good romantic, smart a white or flowery bottom combined with a no-frills top. You can complete this look with a small clutch and non-flashy jewelry.

A denim pencil skirt paired with bomber jackets, shirts, light hoodies, and almost everything will perfectly create a casual look. Pairing an oversized knit sweater with a leather pencil skirt is a fail-safe way to infuse your look. Comfortable modern shoes are a winning option for every day. These can be: sneakers, ballet flats, boots, fashionable sandals.

For lovers of bright colors, designers are advised to look at things of red, yellow-orange, coral, pink or green, in combination with a solid top or blouse. When dressing such things, you must remember about stylish accessories.

Every business woman who spends half a day at work has in her arsenal an irreplaceable pencil skirt. But what to wear it with depends on the style and preferences of the hostess. Timeless over the years, a classic combination: a skirt made of black fabric and a snow-white shirt in a masculine style.

It is not forbidden to wear leather midi. She looks harmoniously with a classic blazer and a fashionable denim shirt. Shoes are matched to the mood: shoes with heels, flat heels, classic boots or fashionable boots.

A pencil skirt for an unforgettable evening look is a great choice. It will favorably highlight where necessary the beautiful curves of the figure, and make the lady seductive. To visit a theater, exhibition or restaurant, you can take a top-crop suit with an elongated cut of lace fabric or an openwork bottom complete with a light silk blouse as a basis. Expensive, exclusive jewelry will be appropriate for a bright festive female image.

Top stylish models of pencil skirts

The most common print options of the coming year are aimed at simple brevity and perfection, which is the highlight of the style. Striking, slightly defiant shades are more for mini.

The hit of the "pencil" cut, of course, models from eco or natural leather. A skirt made of this material below the knee looks specific, expensive and impressive. The originality of the material from which the thing is sewn, the conservatism of the straight cut create a win-win, memorable image. Not only products with a smooth texture are in demand, but also embossed, quilted, combined skirts. The leading colors are black and chocolate.

Slim fit isn't for many. But if you want comfort, you should not avoid this cut of the product, even "donuts". A trendy knitted noodle skirt or with another dense pattern looks beautiful and will become indispensable in the cold. With a knitted oversized sweater, it looks really laconic and trendy.

In the season of spring awakening and summer extravaganza, openwork-knit skirts attract the eye with their tenderness, airiness, playfulness. The materials taken to make the knitted bottom are a full range of variations from cotton, angora, mohair, woolen yarn of various textures, thicknesses and colors.

Versatile denim skirts have again declared themselves on the world catwalks. Practical denim midi with stylish rivets, belt and flounces. With them, it's easy to make different sets that will fit perfectly on any body type.

A shiny sequin pencil skirt is undeniably the leading fashionista in 2021... Shiny, flashy décor adorns many of the ladies' wardrobe. Glittering pencil skirts, which have boldly entered everyday life, are no exception. They look cool with a simple top so as not to overload the look.

The wrap skirt, short or long, has become a favorite at fashion shows. The original, distinctive model looks straightforward and elegant. The austere silhouette and peeking leg will add mystery to any owner. The most relevant ones are made of faux leather and denim.

The best option for emphasizing a high waist than a stylish belt can not be imagined. The waist line with ties looks impressive. The main rule for this style is to have a tucked top. A bow with a classic shirt or a thin turtleneck looks advantageous.

Someone thinks that a pencil skirt with buttons looks rustic. But if you apply a little imagination, then the usual style is able to give originality to the image. The model can have more than one row of such accessories and at the same time be used as an element of decor or fasteners.

Printed models are especially popular. But only the most extravagant girls wear such things. The hit of the colors, of course, is the leopard print.

Another novelty of the season - a pencil skirt in a cage. The cellular pattern has not lost its relevance for several years.

Elegant, feminine and romantic style, according to designers, are models with ruffles. They are made in different solutions. They can complement the bottom of the product or go along the scent. Wearing a pencil skirt that playfully develops as you move, the trim in the side seam is just a pleasure. The image takes on an elegant and charming look.