What to wear with ballet flats in spring-summer 2022? Bright photo sets

When thinking about the most comfortable and beautiful shoes, the first thing that comes to mind is ballet flats. They are not only extremely comfortable, but also look very stylish. Models of various colors can make an image unique. The only thing worth remembering is how to combine them correctly with the rest of the clothes.

A little exciting story

Ballet shoes were introduced into everyday use by the talented actress and dancer Audrey Hepburn back in the distant sixties, when one day she allowed herself to appear at the next social event in them. The idea was liked by the fashionistas of that time. Soon they became part of the trendy everyday look.

Obvious advantages over other types of footwear have made them very popular. After all, they:

  • are convenient;
  • have many colors;
  • relatively inexpensive;
  • they can be matched to any style of clothing.

The absence of a heel is undoubtedly a big plus for active girls. Ballerinas can be worn for a long time without feeling tired. And a huge number of their color schemes are suitable for any outfit. In addition, ballet flats are cheaper than shoes, which makes it possible to purchase several pairs for one season.

Who are ballerinas suitable for?

When choosing, you should adhere to several rules:

  • ballet flats are not suitable for girls with short legs;
  • Do not choose this type of footwear if you are overweight.

For girls with slender and long legs, they will be the perfect choice.

Fashionable models of spring-summer 2022

Each season brings more and more new versions of this shoe into fashion. In the spring-summer of 2022, sharp-nosed options will return to fashion. This season there are models with a bow-like decor, lace models embroidered with sequins, decorated with various rhinestones, embroidery, with a variety of brooches, ribbons and other possible decorations.

Jimmy Choo features ballerinas made of lace, suede and shiny fabrics.

Christian Louboutin suggests wearing shoes made of silk and lacquered material this season.

Other designers surprise with unusual decor and variety of textures.

Interesting striped options were also presented at the shows of summer collections, a lot of shoes were presented in red and orange colors, bronze colors.

What clothes should I wear?

Ballerinas are almost universal shoes. There are many options for clothing with which you can wear them. Most suitable are:

  • shorts;
  • skinny jeans;
  • dresses;
  • sundresses;
  • summer suits;
  • leggings and long tunics and sweaters;
  • skirts.

Shorts with ballet flats, of course, should be short. The top of this outfit will look good with an asymmetrical tunic or cute footwear. A handbag, belt, sunglasses, trilby hat or any other summer headdress will complete the look.

Skinny will look good with any color. In the case when jeans are without a print, it is better to choose bright ballet flats in order to give some zest to the image. It is better to choose the color to match the belt or the print on the T-shirt.

Maxi dresses with ballet flats are considered one of the best sets today. Shoes should be chosen in contrasting shades so that they do not merge with the hem of the dress.

Monophonic models are perfect for summer sundresses with various patterns.

You can combine ballerinas with light summer suits. It looks especially stylish when the clothes have several colors, and the shoes repeat one of them.

A great combination - leggings with a long tunic or long T-shirt.

Combining this shoe with a skirt creates a unique romantic look.

What can you wear ballet flats with?

A combination of ballet shoes and elongated pants that will stretch along the floor is strongly unacceptable. It is better not to wear them with tights (you can use leggings). The exception is short shorts and contrasting colored tights on long-legged girls. You can wear inconspicuous nylon socks under your pants or jeans.

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