What to wear with jeggings? Trendy looks for spring and summer 2022

Jeggings are a mix of leggings and jeans. They are sewn from stretch fabric that imitates a denim pattern. They are much more comfortable than jeans, they fit tightly to the figure, without hindering movements. They often do not have a zipper, and you are freed from torment in the event of a breakage. At the same time, jeggings look much more solid than leggings.

This wardrobe item is a kind of leggings (leggings), which were at the peak of popularity in the 80s. At the beginning of the XXI century, they became relevant again, and in 2009 the Joe's brand presented a novelty - leggings made of thin denim with an admixture of elastane. Then they appeared in classic, torn, shabby versions of blue, beige, white, "boiled" shades.

This tribute to fashion was taken up by such famous premium brands as: Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, Current / Elliot, Marc Jacobs, Patrizia Pepe. Democratic brands also did not pass the novelty by: Bershka, Dorothy Perkins, Topshop, H & M, Jane Norman presented their models. Topshop made them not from thin denim, but from stretch fabric with a print that imitates jeans. Later, jeggings appeared in the collections of the denim brand Diesel, and it was also possible to buy special models for pregnant women.

Jeggings of 2022 models usually have a decor inherent in jeans: buttons, rivets, patch pockets, grooves, stitching. They can be completed with zippers at the side seams. Jeggings have an elastic belt or fastener, models can be decorated with rhinestones, buttons, cuffs, fringes. Unlike jeans, decorative elements can be made in the form of prints (pockets, belt, stitching). This trendy type of leggings is made in all denim colors, but it should always mimic “jeans”.

The main advantage of this thing is incredible lightness and convenience. Skinny jeans often hinder movement, and sometimes it is completely uncomfortable to walk in them. Jeggings will even allow you to play sports in them, do exercises, put on for a morning run. They will completely emphasize your figure and highlight all the advantages. The only caveat is that most of all they are for girls with flawless legs and a slender figure, because they repeat absolutely all the curves of the body and can emphasize some flaws that it would be better to hide.

These leggings are difficult to combine correctly. This is a somewhat “dangerous” wardrobe item, because if you choose the wrong clothes for it, you can get a gaudy and vulgar image. Stylists suggest following a few rules.

What to wear with jeggings in 2022?

Despite the fact that this wardrobe item looks more like jeans, it should be worn like leggings - with tunics, dresses, cardigans, jackets, long sweaters, sweaters. It is better to hide the jeggings belt. Pair this model with a top that will cover at least 2/3 of your buttocks.

Only tall and very slender girls can wear short tops and jackets with jeggings. A stylish set is achieved by combining these high-waisted leggings and a tucked-in tank top.

Jeggings will harmoniously fit into the casual style, which is especially important in 2022. Wear them with bright elongated T-shirts and long alcoholic T-shirts. It is also important to combine them with tunics or shirts in combination with a cropped jacket or fur vest, while creating the effect of layering.

When creating a business casual style, this model of leggings can be worn with a coat or an elongated jacket. The combination with leather clothing and accessories will be successful. Pick up bags, vests, dresses, jackets. Jeggings go well with shoes, high boots, heeled ankle boots or platform boots. Tall girls can wear them with bright sneakers or ballet flats. With sneakers, they should only be worn for outdoor activities or sports. But stylists do not recommend wearing these leggings with sandals or flip flops.

Celebrities like Beyoncé, Sienna Miller, Whiteney Port and others have liked this wardrobe item. The stars look charming in them - Jeggings help to create clothes a unique sporty-elegant style.