What to wear with ripped jeans? Stylish combinations 2021-2022

The question of what to wear with ripped jeans is far from idle. A worn-out, worn-out, often specially cut thing, needs a good addition in order to remain beautiful expensive, and not arouse pity.

When adding torn clothes to your wardrobe, you should think about creating a decent environment for them, also make sure that the holes are in favorable places, the correct amount and bare your legs where necessary.

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What is the secret of popularity?

There are three reasons for the popularity of such an interesting image. The first is connected with the internal protest of youth of the 70s of the last century. Since jeans were and still are the most common and practical clothing, the feeling of denial was realized through this thing.

The second reason is the "fault" of the convenience and practicality of the trousers. Over the long period of their popularity, they changed in all directions: they were a second skin and became wide, overgrown with buttons and rivets, glittered with glitter and rhinestones, and were decorated with lace. Changed and experimented with colors from blue to black, from blue to white. It is logical that scuffs and holes became the next stage of evolution. The item in demand is evolving rapidly.

The third reason is purely financial. Favorite women's clothing, which is worn almost daily, despite its high strength, it still quickly wears out. And the next morning, the fashionable beauty will still see herself in clothes that are not yet boring and fashionable, but already with traces of wearing. The fashion designers' love for shabby things plays into the hands and allows you to always remain at the height of fashion.

These factors have allowed used or artificially aged clothing to become popular and remain in this place for many years.

How to choose jeans with holes in the figure?

Any woman can afford to wear this model, regardless of age and body shape. But at the same time, the law of common sense applies: the more strict the style of clothing and the older the person, the fewer holes are allowed on the jeans.

Several nuances:

  1. Pay attention, they look unprofitable holes in the places of cellulite, skin folds and birthmarks with acne. When choosing what to wear with ripped jeans, make sure that the most advantageous areas of your leg are exposed.
  2. It is not appropriate to appear with naked body parts everywhere in society. Therefore, if you show up for strict events every day, it is best to save these models only for Sunday walks.
  3. Like any thing in a wardrobe, jeans, due to the style and details, allow you to hide flaws and emphasize the dignity of the figure.
  4. The main purpose of the slit is to show the part of the leg that would normally be hidden. Therefore, ripped jeans should be worn only on a naked body, without tights and stockings.

For overweight models

A curvy woman is better off wearing straight silhouette models with vertical slits location. In this case, additional lines will visually increase growth. If the lines are horizontal, be sure to complement the look with high heels.

Skinny girls

Slender girls can only use common sense when choosing torn elements. Take a closer look at boyfriends, their cropped design will well hide excess height and emphasize femininity. It is better to give preference to models with holes in the area of ​​the knees and hips.


Do not decorate the fullest part of the leg with slits, all the more let the skin areas protrude from them. The image will immediately lose its attractiveness.


Short girls should refuse models with holes in the bottom of their trousers. In this case, the growth is visually reduced.

What to wear with ripped jeans: a hit parade of the best options

Jeans with ripped knees have found their place both in streetwear for every day and on high fashion models... In order to create a balanced look, it is worth considering that jeans with holes are the main thing and attract the main attention. All other things should be more "calm". The more slits, the more concise clothing should surround the trousers.

Take a closer look at the images that you can create, experiment and combine.

T-shirts, tops, T-shirts

T-shirt, T-shirt or top - one hundred percent hit that does not need advertising. A special style and chic is given by a monochromatic color, it is possible with a print, but not very bright. Any jewelry, hats and glasses fit well into this look. Jeans with tops and T-shirts look harmoniously on the streets of the city, at meetings with friends, active rest.

Leather jackets

Leather jackets are a bold and stylish thing. The presence of two such eye-catching things gives the image a hooligan tone. In order to add some chic, pay special attention to the shoes. Beautiful, bright, and even with a thin heel - a stiletto heel, it will harmoniously unite everything together, the attention of those around you is guaranteed. If you put on rough boots, you get a grunge look.

Shirts and loose blouses

Choosing how to wear Ripped jeans, opt for a combination of a loose top and a ripped hem. Two things from (essentially) a man's wardrobe can work wonders and fill you with not only femininity, but also romance. A loose fit allows for imagination: a shirt can be tucked into trousers, leaving the floors free. You can tuck in only the edge on one side, in this case some piquancy will appear.

Knitted things

Knitted things fit well into the image, both thin and voluminous weaving. This is one of the win-win options if the colors are harmonious. Choose shoes depending on the texture of the knit. For thin things, elegant shoes with a stiletto heel are suitable. Coarser knits go well with boots, ankle boots, creepers. Belts, bags and scarves will look great.


Severe office clothes next to ripped trousers will go well and, due to contrast, emphasize the femininity of the hostess. When choosing a jacket, opt for a looser fit. By the way, there will be short and rolled up sleeves, unusual pockets, buttons. In this case, it is worthwhile to dwell on the almost monochromatic color of things. Beautiful strict high-heeled shoes look good in this ensemble, they can be wide and stable. The minimalism of the top can be diluted with chains, bracelets, watches and glasses. Such an image is a classic of the casual style.

For the cold season

Still, this version of trousers is not suitable for a very cold season. The blue frozen skin peeking out of the slits cannot evoke admiration and tenderness. Therefore, in the fierce winter, it is better not to wear ripped jeans. Choosing with what to wear them in the fall, you can pay attention to leather or light jackets, if possible, revealing such colorful pants due to their short length. A great pairing can be made with Robe or Trench Coat. From footwear it is better to stay on slightly rough models: ankle boots, boots or ankle boots.

When choosing shoes, be guided by the appearance of the clothing around the pants. It is she who dictates to dwell on a thin stiletto heel or rough shoes, similar to men.

Fashionable women's photo-images 2021-2022

The new upcoming fashion season follows the tradition of recent years and leaves trousers with slits at the height of fashion. Take a closer look at the proposed models, make your choice. The bright denim splendor of 2021 is in front of you in the photo.

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