What to wear with tregins? Stylish and comfortable looks 2022

Treggings are a combination of pants and leggings. In 2022, they are gaining special popularity. The name comes from two English words - "trousers" and "leggings" - pants and leggings. These are very comfortable and effective clothes, but like any other wardrobe item, you need to be able to combine them correctly.

How are they different from Jeggings? The main difference is the material. The fabrics used for sewing jeggings are thin denim or a material imitating it. Jeggings have the same color and decor as jeans. Treggings are sewn from elastic fabric, they can have rivets, patches, prints and any other decor.

Treggings appeared with the development of leggings. For the first time they could be seen in the collection of Topshop - a famous British brand. Over time, this wave of fashion was picked up by such brands as: Maison Martin Margiela, Balenciaga, Juicy Couture and others.

These pants visually improve the figure, slim and lengthen the legs. According to stylists, they can be worn by women of any age, but nevertheless, first of all, they go to slender girls.

Usually they are sewn from dense fabrics with an admixture of elastane. The main material can be cotton, latex. Models are very popular, made of leather or fabric "under the skin", as well as shiny models, which have become the favorite clothes of girls who go to clubs and parties.

Treggings can be decorated with different prints, pockets, rivets, rhinestones, ribbons and bows, stitching and fringe, scuffs, lacing. They look simply amazing with shoes, ankle boots or high stiletto heels. For walking or shopping, you can combine them with ballet flats, moccasins and ugg boots.

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What clothes for the season 2022 go with treggings?

There are many different combinations that these leggings will look good with. Combine them with tunics, dresses, cardigans, T-shirts, stylish leather jackets. In addition to this, use a variety of jewelry.

treggings and heavy boots Grinders. In hot weather, combine leggings-trousers with an alcoholic T-shirt, and in the fall - with a leather vest or fur vest.

Girls with an ideal figure are allowed to wear treggings with tops, short jackets, jackets - the main thing is that everything is combined according to the texture of the fabric and color, although the contrast is also sometimes appropriate. For those women who are not confident in their forms, it is better to cover problem areas with a jacket or long sweater. A safe option is a tunic, especially if it is slightly transparent. Such an outfit will add mystery and frankness to the image at the same time. From accessories, choose large bracelets, massive necklaces from chains, belts.

Treggings are very comfortable clothing if you choose the right size and fabric for the season. They can be worn even in winter, complementing them with a sheepskin coat or fur coat. Their main advantage is that they allow you to create a large number of fashionable outfits for any occasion. They do not constrain movements, sit tightly on the body and do not wrinkle.

This item provides the comfort of leggings, but at the same time looks presentable like trousers. Many celebrities gave them their preference, including Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopez and others.