What to wear with white sneakers? Women's looks for every day and not only

When asked "What can I wear white sneakers with?" The most correct answer would be: with anything! But you won't believe us, will you?:) Therefore, let's figure out how the white sneakers have earned their popularity, as well as how to create a hundred different looks with one pair of shoes. Go!

In this article:

Why is everyone so fond of them?

More recently, sneakers were the lot of sports women and teenagers. Now there is not a single girl and woman who does not have these incredibly comfortable shoes. And if even ten years ago they always went to the office in shoes, now the vast majority of dress codes have changed in the direction of convenience. Fashion houses that produce business clothes, so as not to lose sales, quickly introduced a new trend: sneakers became fashionable to wear with suits, dresses and a classic coat. And we do not mind. It's not only stylish, but also comfortable.

Magic white

As for the white color, it has one secret.

White, black and all shades of gray are achromatic colors.

That is, colors that blend well with all other colors. We tend to think that white sneakers will go well with clothes of any color. Their comfort, versatility and achromatic color have made these shoes one of the most popular in the world. For the past 10 years, every collection of every designer has always included white sneakers.

What about the models?

However, not all of them, like yoghurts, are equally useful. The fact is that the fashion for the models themselves is also changing. And if you are taking your sneakers not for sports, but as urban shoes, it is better to choose the right model. Currently relevant:

  • sneakers on the platform,

  • Curved Sole High Top

  • models with bifurcated sole.

Sports models are also possible, but they will best fit into a wardrobe sport chic or casual...

So what to wear with?

So we come to the most interesting thing. In order not to “miss the mark” with the image, many girls wear white sneakers only with black white or gray clothes.

This monochrome look is a win-win option, but in our opinion, too boring. White crosses will suit absolutely any color: see for yourself!

So feel free to experiment with any options for your wardrobe.

  • In spring and summer - with dresses and skirts.

  • With suits, jackets and trousers and any office clothes.

  • With jeans, tops and T-shirts.

  • With leather and denim jackets.

  • With tracksuits, sweatshirts, sweaters.

  • With a coat and cardigans.

Now you can see that white sneakers can really be worn with anything. Get inspired by the looks in the photo and create your own stylish options!