With what to wear leggings "under the skin"? 50 Stylish Options 2021/2022

Leather leggings are a fashionable novelty, they replaced leather pants (although they are still in fashion). The new leggings are less extravagant and more versatile than leather pants. The use of knitwear imitating leather instead of natural leather makes this model more practical and democratic. Fashion designers suggest wearing them as everyday clothes, they are also suitable for a party.

Leggings are very tight, elastic trousers without additional details (pockets, yokes, etc.), often on an elastic belt. In cut, they look more like tights than trousers. This type of clothing comes from leggings - old, very tight men's elk skin trousers. To achieve a tight fit, they were worn raw and dried on the body (how lucky we are that now leggings are made from modern materials). They were worn by noble men and, especially, by the military (for example, hussars), because leather trousers are ideal for riding.

There is another variant of their origin; Similar tight trousers are traditionally worn by women in North India, wearing a dress or chiffon tunic to the knee. Note that such oriental suits with leggings are rapidly becoming fashionable.

The word "leggings" itself is from the English "leg", as they fit tightly legs without changing their shape. Leggings were all the rage in the 80s and 90s. But, notice; despite the passion for retro, wearing them exactly as in those years is absolutely not fashionable.

What leather leggings are in fashion?

Modern leggings "under the skin" is a beautiful and comfortable thing, dense knitwear improves the figure due to the "pulling" effect. Leather leggings can be matte, glossy, or embossed (such as a snake or lace pattern). The most popular color is black, they can also be red (muted color) and all shades of brown. Models imitating metallic leather, especially “old silver” and “old bronze”, are very relevant.

Today it is fashionable to wear this thing with clothes that cover the hips. It is not advisable to wear them with a tight-fitting top, it is better to apply the contrast rule. Leather leggings go well with knitted sweaters up to the thighs and below, loose or moderately tight, with long, bulky, knitted jackets, cardigans, jackets and short coats.

They go well with medium length fur coats. In the summer, they will be matched with long, loose T-shirts, chiffon tunics, romantic blouses for graduation. Fashionable multi-layer combination; leggings - long tunic - short jacket or jacket.

How to match leggings under the skin with other fabric textures?

Leather leggings can be combined with a leopard print. Another trendy combination; black leggings with a white top. For the evening, super trendy gothic stylization is suitable; leather jackets and a dark blouse with lace and ruffles.

A long (almost to the knee) jacket with lapels or an elegant jacket - uniform (remember the hussar with their leggings) is also suitable. Suitable for shoes are boots with heels (especially high and over the knee boots), graceful ankle boots, sandals and sandals.

The combination of textures is important; to shiny "leather" - velvet and matte cotton, to matte - shiny silk... It is not advisable to combine such leggings and leather things in one suit. But if you decide to create a rock-style ensemble and still wear a leather jacket, consider; for shiny skin - matte or embossed leggings and vice versa.

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Only young, slim girls with the figure of a teenager can wear this thing with short tops and jackets (like pop stars wear them), only they can wear patent leather leggings.

A short one should not overload the top with volume and wear too long things. But full women of fashion, on the contrary, it is better to choose a more authentic top for leather leggings. For example, a shirt dress or tunic.