With what to wear trousers in a cage for women and girls? Stylish looks 2021-2022

Plaid is perhaps one of the few prints that remains in vogue from season to season. And trousers in a cage are a basic thing that will fit literally into any wardrobe: from the wardrobe of a business woman to a mom on maternity leave. When the question arises of what to wear trousers in a cage, it is most often a question of what color to combine a checkered print with so as to look appropriate and stylish.

Let's take it apart.

The cage can be different: tartan, Burberry, glenchek, vichy, goose feet and so on.

However, do not be confused by this variety, because we will tell you a few simple rules, following which you will learn how to stylishly wear a checkered bottom. This information will apply not only to any kind of plaid trousers, but also to skirts.

A little advice! Remember that a large large cage is perfect for thin and thin legs. For women of size M and beyond, it is better to choose a medium or accurate print size.

So let's go!

The simplest: one set

The simplest and easiest option to combine such trousers is to buy a blazer or jacket for them. Inside, with this option, you can wear a thing of almost any color, print or texture. At least in strip!

The second option is also very simple

To make a stylish kit, you need to pick up a thing of the same color as contained in a checkered print.

For example, a cell contains: brown, mustard, lilac. In this case, for the second item, you can take any of these colors.

For example, in the first photo below it is orange, and in the second photo it is dusty blue.

Third way

Another way for the lazy. Achromat colors are suitable for any checkered print: white, gray and all its shades and black. Safe but can get boring. In order not to slip into facelessness, you can replace white with beige. Although it is not an achromat, it can be combined with almost all colors.

For the bold - contrasting combinations

This method is similar to the second, but we take a color that contrasts with the colors on the cage. For example, you can pick up a yellow item for a blue cell. To green - red, and so on. You will get a very bright and stylish look.

For fashionistas of level 80: cage with cage

Yes! Oddly enough, plaid trousers can be worn with other plaid things not from their set. However, there are two secrets here. The cage should be of different colors, but the same size. Or the same size but different colors. Signs below.

And a few secrets

Create a stylish look with a variety of accessories. It's simple, but it looks very impressive. For example, accentuate the waist with a wide belt, a peplum or a shoulder strap.

Another way to spice up your trousers is to add a checkered scarf or plaid.

We hope we have arranged on the shelves with what to wear checkered trousers and how. You can combine them with almost any item, because they are as versatile as jeans. The main thing is to choose the right color! And these photo examples will help you make the right choice. Good luck!

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