Wolf hats and animal hats - fashion trend 2021-2022

It seems that designers can no longer surprise fashionistas and nevertheless it happens. Not so long ago, young ladies began to try on wolf hats, thereby causing surprise mixed with delight. A woman-hunter, a warrior, in which the spirit of nature lives, cannot fail to attract attention. Sometimes the wolf hat evokes other feelings and associations, it seems that in front of you is a kind, sweet, gentle and cute animal.

This headdress is quite young and has little in common with traditional Russian hats with earflaps. But perhaps the beast caps came to us from ancient wild tribes. In the old days, people believed that each tribe was protected by a strong beast, for example, a wolf or a bear, they tried to look like him and dressed up accordingly, throwing skins on their shoulders, and on their heads a kind of hats imitating an animal.

This year, these accessories are inspiring for anime fans and those looking to look great.

Actual models and materials

The most beautiful and chic, of course, models from natural fur. They are fluffy, showy and not cheap. The most democratic option is knitted animal hats, they look cute and funny, but hardly attract attention as much as their shaggy counterparts.

A warmer hat is hard to imagine. There are hats that imitate a wolf, a fox yoke, cute huskies and even leopards - all of these models will be in trend this winter. You can choose a modest or shaggy hat, with ears and even an animal's face. Fashionable detail - cute paws-pockets.

What to wear with a wolf hat?

The first thing that comes to mind about a beautiful combination with fur is fur, but this idea is not always supported by fashion trends. If you dress up from head to toe in fur decoration, then you can really look like a big bear. Measure is important in everything and furs should be combined with each other. The wolf hat looks great with fluffy high fur boots and a smooth top: coat, down jacket, jacket. Fashionable hats go well with skinny jeans and a variety of boots, both high and low.

It is important not only to successfully combine a hat with an outfit, but also with the season. The girl in the animal hat looks gorgeous among the snow-white snows and completely ridiculous in rainy weather or thaw.

It is better for an unusual accessory to be in harmony not only with clothes, but also with hair, makeup... It is preferable to highlight the eyes, scarlet lips in combination with a beast hat look vulgar. It is preferable to leave the hair straight, and not curl, so that the structure is combined with the fur.

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Who will the hats go to?

This headdress adorns young cheerful girls, guys and children who live in the world of fairy tales and perceive this wardrobe detail as an attribute of a carnival costume. On people of venerable age, animal hats often look ridiculous. The exception is made by people of creative professions, those who have chosen a shocking style for themselves. In this case, wolf hats become a means of self-expression and a kind of inspiration.

How to choose a quality item?

For a trendy hat to look solid and not comical, it must look dignified. When considering a wolf hat that you want to purchase in a store, make sure that the fur is really good. Squeeze the fur thing with your hands, if you are lucky and the fur is of high-quality manufacture, the product will quickly regain its shape, the villi will not break or crumble. If you hold it with a damp hand, the palm should remain clean - if you notice traces of paint, then the thing is not of the best quality. Fur can lose its presentation very quickly.

Pay attention to the seams of the wolf cap: there should be no knots, tubercles or hanging threads. It is important to choose the correct size so that the model does not squeeze the head and slide onto the forehead. There are similar requirements for accessories made of artificial furs. It should not come out in shreds or fall off, it is important that the seams are stitched with high quality.

the image and perception of a fashionista, therefore it is important to choose a successful model that will suit you. Girls, whose color type is autumn, should pay attention to the models of "chanterelles". Your reddish curls, skin tone and freckles, if any, will go well with this accessory. Young ladies who are distinguished by the cold winter color type will go with the panda or husky models. The lynx image will suit the representatives of the warm season. Feel free to experiment with new looks!