Women's cargo pants: what to wear with a fashionable novelty in 2021/2022?

Cargo pants were a bright trend last season and are not going to give up positions. Many fashionistas and streetstylers love this comfortable model of trousers. If you managed to get yourself such a pair - great! The trend for workwear and patch pockets can be seen in many collections in 2021.

In the new season, designers offer bold colors, choose original fabrics and styles. In addition to the classic interpretation in the military style, safari and sport-chic on the catwalks, more casual and feminine models have appeared. This article will show you how, where and with what to wear cargo pants in 2021/2022.


  • What do current cargo pants look like?
  • Where to wear cargo pants?
  • Suitable footwear
  • Outerwear
  • Tops
  • Matching accessories

What do the current cargo pants look like?

Cargo pants came to our wardrobe from military uniforms.

Their distinctive feature is a loose fit and patch pockets. Classic shades - khaki, beige, sand. Historically, they were made from dense, heavy twill fabric.

Modern cargo pants have:

  • High waist.The lowered fit will set you back about 20 years: it was so worn in the 2000s.
  • Straight or relaxed fit.Comfort and semi-fitting silhouettes are trending when there is air between the body and the clothes. Tight cargo does not look relevant.
  • Rich color palette.In addition to the classic camouflage shades, black, white, red, blue, orange, lavender, yellow, blue and other pastel shades are relevant.
  • Various fabrics.Denim, cotton and linen, leather and leatherette, satin fabrics, nylon.

The choice is very wide, you can easily find your ideal option.

Where to wear cargo pants?

There are no restrictions in modern fashion.

We easily combine dresses with sneakers, wear suits with Cossacks, and heels with sweatpants. The choice of clothing depends on your level of comfort and appropriateness in a particular circumstance.

In the case of cargo:

  • We can emphasize and exaggerate them with things in military style, safari and sporty chic. Such images are suitable for everyday outings, meeting with friends, walking and traveling.

  • You can wear cargo instead of regular jeans in your everyday outfits. In combination with a shirt, basic jumper or jacket, you can safely go to the office without a dress code.

  • Or you can play in contrast and combine cargo pants with heels, feminine blouses and tops. Such combinations are perfect for parties, meeting with girlfriends or dating.

Suitable footwear

In autumn and winter, all kinds of boots and ankle boots will be great companions for cargo pants. Massive on a rough sole, with lacing, laconic basic and Cossacks - the choice is yours. The rougher the shoes, the closer your look will be to the military style.

If you follow the trends and are not afraid to wear them, tuck the cargo into high boots with a wide bootleg. This is a very fashionable trend!

For feminine outfits, use boots and heeled ankle boots. Choose from concise basic options in smooth leather or suede, Cossacks or trendy models with lacing, square toe and animal print.

Do you like sports and want convenience? Choose sneakers.

With the onset of warm weather, we continue to wear cargo with sneakers, sneakers and loafers. This is the most comfortable everyday combination.

Sandals and animal print will elevate the safari style.

For feminine and evening combinations we wear ballet flats, pumps and sandals. The contrast of brutal trousers and elegant accessories will add brightness, emphasize fragility and femininity.


Cargo pants can be combined absolutely with any outerwear, like jeans.

In winter, a combination with rough boots and an aviator sheepskin coat or a pea coat will look organic, since all these clothes have the same style.

Short padded down jacket combined with sneakers or high boots will add sport.

The combination with the increasingly popular Cheburashka fur coat looks more neutral, a down-padded blanket and a straight or oversized coat.

In the spring and autumn, wear cargo with leather and denim jackets, lightweight coats.

The bomber jacket, depending on the design, will take the set to military or sports. A trench coat or leather cloak can also add military polish. Shoes with heels will balance such combinations and will not allow you to completely go into the army.


In cold weather, as a pair for cargo pants, use warm oversized knitwear, hoodies, sweatshirts, layered combinations... You can wear a shirt over a turtleneck. It can be a regular cotton shirt or leather or leatherette that is topical this season.

The top layer is denim jackets and jackets. Cropped jackets are especially relevant now. If you're not afraid to add volume to your hips, tuck a regular jacket into loose pants for a super trendy set.

Vests are back in fashion... Variants with patch pockets accentuate the character of the trousers. The classic elongated vest will work more neutral.

In the summer we wear cargo with T-shirts, T-shirts, shirts. A white or beige shirt with beige pants is a classic combination for a summer safari style.

Choose blouses from transparent and flowing fabrics, lingerie and sequin tops for evening and feminine looks. The trend is cropped crop tops, tops with interesting cuts and cuts and tops with voluminous sleeves.

Suitable accessories

Wide leather and textile belts, belts with patch pockets and imitation holsters are perfect for cargo trousers. In the summer, a braided belt will fit perfectly.

If you combine trousers with a jacket or with an oversized shirt, a belt or leather peplum can be worn around the waist.

When choosing a bag, stick to the general style of the kit.

  • Tote bags, oversized padded clutches, shoppers, and shoulder bags are great for relaxed day-to-day outfits.
  • A backpack or fanny pack will add sport.
  • For an evening out, pick up a box bag or rigid clutch.
  • A rigid bag or briefcase is suitable for the office.
  • A wicker bag will look great in summer.

In the cold season, you cannot do without a headdress. Any basic hat, beret, cap or cap will suit you. A fedora hat will add elegance.

In summer, opt for a woven hat or headband to complete your safari look. And for more athletic sets, a baseball cap is suitable. And don't forget jewelry and sunglasses. They make your appearance more interesting and complete.

Now you know how versatile cargo pants are in today's wardrobe. Choose them as an alternative to regular jeans for a fresh take on your wardrobe.

Article author: Polina Tonkikh, stylist @polinathin_stylist