Women's cocoon coat 2021-2022: what has changed and what to wear?

With the onset of cold weather, you want to wrap yourself up in something voluminous, warm and, of course, beautiful. The cocoon coat, fashionable in the coming season, is ideal for this. The variety of variations, lengths and finishes allows girls with any type of figure, taste and stylistic preferences to wear it. Why we love a cocoon coat, as well as how and with what to wear it, you will soon find out for sure!

What will be discussed:

What is a cocoon coat?

This style of outerwear comes from the 50s of the last century. It is believed that Cristobal Balenciaga designed such a voluminous coat. Back then, bulky things were something new and very intriguing. Later, this trend returned in the 80s, when exaggerated volumes were present in all elements of both women's and men's wardrobe. And it is not surprising that today we are again returning to the "cocoon", because oversized silhouettes are as relevant as ever.

A distinctive feature of this style is the absence of clear lines and a rigid frame. Sloping shoulders with a drop in the armhole, no fit at the waist and slight tapering to the bottom. The coat fully justifies its name and is very reminiscent of a cozy cocoon in which you can hide from any bad weather. There are a great many variations of models today, a fashionable coat has ceased to be extremely touching and feminine, it may well have character and be completed with rough boots and ripped jeans. But first things first.

Fashionable models 2021-2022

This coat is designed for any weather. You can find both a light demi-season and a warm winter model. What are the hottest options this season?

  • Tweed coat.Tweed is the hit of the season and, of course, a coat made of this noble fabric at the peak of its popularity. This is a spring option, even if the collar is decorated with fur. Still, for our winter, we need something more serious than a beautiful woolen fabric.
  • Knitted coat.Bulky, coarse knit, very cozy and stylish. This can be found both in the store and ordered from a knitter. Exclusive handmade items are always in price. Knitted "cocoon", depending on the color and style of performance, will perfectly complement both everyday and evening looks.
  • Quilted "cocoon".This season's warm down jackets surprise with a variety of styles. These are “ marshmallows ”, and parkas, and “ blankets ”, and “cocoons”. The quilted design lends a stylish twist to the soft cut.
  • Cell.Not a single model of outerwear can do without it today. Elegant and feminine for classic style and smart casual.
  • Sporty chic."Cocoon" reminiscent of an elongated bomber jacket is perfect for those who cannot imagine life without sporty clothes. Fashionable women's coats are decorated with stripes, lettering and large pockets.
  • Cocoon coats.​​For those who love fur coats, but do not want to look old-fashioned - a cocoon coat is an ideal basic option.

How to choose your option?

"Cocoon" is good because its relaxed style does not make obvious accents on the figure. An ideal model for those who want to visually equalize the proportions and make the hips narrower. The soft sloping shoulder line attracts attention and diverts attention away from the hips and tummy.

Girls of short stature can afford shortened models of "cocoons", and if you add a coat with boots with heels, you can add a few cherished centimeters. Tall ladies are more suitable for knee-length and lower options, and a heel or flat sole is just a matter of taste and personal preference.

The variety of colors and prints can be confusing. If you do not like bright extravagant colors, then opt for the versatile black, camel, brown or gray. This cocoon coat can be combined with shoes and accessories of any color. Delicate powdery shades will suit romantic ladies, it will give the image a light touch of retro and make the image elegant and stylish. Bright coats will suit no less bright girls. Burning brunettes, platinum blondes, fiery redheads - blue, green, pink "cocoons" for you!

What to wear with a cocoon coat?

Women's coat in the season 2021-2022 is a universal thing and can be used with almost everything. What will suit the classic "cocoon" with fur?

  • Skinny dark jeans and ankle boots with thick, stable heels.
  • Pencil skirt and suede boots.
  • Cropped dress pants and black sneakers.
  • Leather leggings and boots in men's style (oxfords, brogues, chelsea).

What to wear with a quilted coat or a sporty model?

  • Boyfriend jeans and insulated trainers / sneakers.
  • Ripped jeans and rough grunge boots. In winter, of course, we don't experiment with ripped jeans!
  • Pleated knee-length skirt. They are back in fashion, and we are very happy about that. What else can be so cute to dilute a sporty and casual bow, if not a pleated skirt?
  • A knitted trouser or cashmere suit and oversized sneakers.
  • Boots or other fashionable boots.

neutral colors, as well as a coat with abundant decor (buttons, rivets, embroidery, fur trims). But gray and black outerwear can be diluted with bright accessories. Original backpacks, small handbags-boxes, voluminous shoppers are suitable for such a coat.

A cocoon coat is a beautiful and elegant thing that has long outgrown the scope of one style. Don't be afraid to experiment and mix clothes in different directions. Today it is not only permissible, but also encouraged by the fashion itself!

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