Women's Grinder Boots: What To Wear With These Shoes?

Grinders are famous English boots that have a lot of weight, a reinforced sole and metal plates. The Grinders brand has become a cult brand of youth footwear, and its name is a household name for all boots with a similar model. This specific shoe is again at the peak of popularity, so the question of what to wear with women's grinders is more relevant than ever.

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A bit of history

Boots popular among young people were invented in England. They have become famous in many countries for their distinctive reinforced outsole. The Grinders company was founded in 1965.

During this period, military-style shoes and clothing were very popular. The first to appreciate the incredible convenience and practicality of the novelty were bikers. Then the boots became very popular among young people. The military style also fell in love with such celebrities as "Prodigy", "E17" and others. Initially, the plant operated only in the UK, today most of the models are produced in China.

In the 90s of the last century, grinders quickly broke into street fashion, becoming one of the distinctive symbols of informals. Until now, they are worn by goths, emo, as well as women of fashion who do not consider themselves to be informal movements.

Advantages of Grinders

This shoe has a number of advantages. Its sole is made of "indestructible" materials using a special technology, which ensures the durability of the sock even with careless handling. Thanks to high-quality leather, the boots are waterproof, retain warmth and reliably protect your feet. Modern grinders are made in different colors and have different lengths, which helps to choose models for every taste.

Grinders produces several lines of shoes, each with its own characteristics. Pseudo-military boots are very popular, as well as stylized cowboy boots. Their unusual designs can be a great addition to the look for street fashion lovers, for those who want to stand out from the crowd, and, of course, for representatives of various subcultures.

With what to wear female models and to whom will they go?

It should be borne in mind that these boots are not suitable for all women. Before giving your choice in favor of grinders, you need to take into account the peculiarities of your style, body type and clothing preferences.

The classic combination of such boots with leather clothing. A biker jacket, leather leggings or trousers, a loose knit sweater and chunky metal jewelry make a great ensemble with Grinders boots. You can create a completely unique and distinctive style, because the success of this shoe is that it cannot suit everyone.

Not so long ago, designers surprised everyone by combining women's grinders with evening dresses and light thin dresses. This gave a freshness to the ingrained image of heavy boots. The new trend was an incredible success among fashionistas! The combination of heavy boots and original outfits made an interesting composition that gave a completely new look to the ladies' grinders.

What should you consider before buying a Grinders?

Grinders boots are considered by many to be less than ideal. Firstly, you need to try pretty hard so that they fit harmoniously into the image. Secondly, they are heavy shoes, which can cause discomfort to wear, and also cause some harm to health. The latter is also inherent in heels, but nobody canceled them! Another unpleasant moment is that there have been a lot of fake Grinders boots lately, so if you want to buy original shoes, you will have to work hard.

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The original design of grinders will be a good complement to the image for those girls who are not indifferent to street fashion and strive to look progressive.