Women's harness is a stylish accessory for the brave

A lot of controversy is caused by the women's harness - an ultra-fashionable thing that is gaining more and more popularity. What is this? Another whim of designers or an item that every self-respecting fashionista should have in her wardrobe? The girls are also worried about the dilemma: who is suitable for this jewelry, and who is better to refrain from such experiments. And, of course, many are perplexed: what to wear with a novelty in order to be stylish and not vulgar? All these questions can be answered by reading our article.

In this article:

Women's harness is...

In many ways, the decoration resembles suspenders. Some people even confuse the two accessories. While these are completely different things in a woman's wardrobe. Suspenders - always only two elastic bands of the same length, crisscrossing on the back; they are attached directly to trousers or a skirt. The harness, as a rule, consists of several leather belts of different lengths tied around the body; in most cases, the basis of a fashionable novelty is a belt at the waist.


A thing with a history

The leather sling migrated to the women's wardrobe from the army. In the original version, it is designed to carry weapons. Prabble Gurung is an American designer who made the accessory first hit the runway in 2012. A year later, several other designers presented their variations on the theme of military ammunition. Among them is Alexander McQueen, who became the best British fashion designer of the year four times.

Harness - an item for every day and for going out

As a rule, harness is made of leather. Such models are suitable for a daily look. The most popular women's jewelry is white, beige and black. They also differ in style: strict models with a minimum of decor and openwork variations. In addition to leather, pearls are used in the manufacture of a sling. Such jewelry harnesses will be a chic decoration of an evening dress.

About who the jewelry will go to

The line between grace and vulgarity when worn the harness is very thin. This must be remembered when deciding to try on a new image. In view of the fact that the fashionable novelty emphasizes women's curves, making them more attractive, it is better to wear it for slim girls. Ladies with magnificent forms, in order not to be reputed to be vulgar, should not wear it. Since the sling draws special attention to the upper body, it is best for women with a small bust to decide on an experiment.

Taming the harness

Fashionable little thing is not easy to combine with clothes. What to wear a sling with, and how to do it correctly - these are two questions that worry women's minds. You can demonstrate impeccable taste if you adhere to several recommendations:

  1. The black leather option is perhaps the most spectacular. However, you need to be especially careful with him. If you want to create a more feminine look, then it is better to look at white or beige colors.
  2. The harness attracts attention. So that it does not turn out to be too much, it is better to refrain from combining jewelry with over-the-knee boots, platform shoes, mini-skirt, neckline, slit, tight-fitting clothes, transparent outfits. Unless, of course, creating such an image is your goal.
  3. To create a more harmonious image, it is worth choosing a harness that does not contrast with the color of shoes and bags.
  4. Clothes made of plain fabrics without decor are the perfect background for this accessory.
  5. Harness is a self-sufficient thing. You should not combine other jewelry with it, so as not to overload an already vivid image.
  6. Since the item originally belonged to the men's wardrobe, it is best to balance its belligerence with the help of feminine clothing. Due to this contrast, it will be possible to emphasize the girlish fragility.

With what wear?

The harness will definitely suit the following styles:

  • Gothic;

  • Military;

  • Steampunk;

  • Minimalism;

  • Hippie (light shades of the accessory).

It should be used with caution in other styles. Here are some options.

Option number 1. Contrasting.

A dark leather harness will look perfect with a light-colored dress. In turn, a light leather sling will be a great addition to a dark-colored dress.

Option No. 2. Tone in tone.

If the girl's appearance does not allow the use of such a sharp combination of colors as contrast, then an experiment can be carried out by choosing an ornament to match the outfit.

Option No. 3. Bright.

Colored leather looks fresh on plain, low-key clothing. These sets are well suited for very young girls.

Option number 4. We revive the coat.

The harness looks stylish in combination with a straight cut coat in a discreet color. The thing gives the image originality and completes it.

Option number 5. Sports.

Wearing a harness with a dress is ideal, but not the only way. The harness goes well with a sports-style T-shirt and jeans.

Option No. 6. Special case.

The holiday is a great opportunity to put on a pearl sling over an evening dress. A hostess of such magnificence will be in the spotlight.

Fashionable models 2021/2022

We offer you a selection of the most interesting, in our opinion, accessory models.

Women's harness is a powerful weapon. In skillful hands, she is able to emphasize femininity, giving the image sophistication, sophistication and even mystery. We hope that the article was useful to you and now you know what a harness is and why you need it. And, perhaps, have already plucked up the courage to put on this extravagant accessory... Then go ahead! After all, the harness is for the brave!