Women's high fur boots 2021-2022: how to create the image of a northern beauty?

Untami refers to boots with a flat sole and a high bootleg. In the classic version, they are sewn from deer, or rather from kamus (the lower part of the skin of a deer's leg). Outside, wool remains, stockings made of dog fur, a fawn, and wool wraps are pushed inside. The foot is protected by a leather sole and a thick felt insole, thanks to which the unusual boots are so frost-resistant. They are often decorated with beads, embroidery or straps.

It is not surprising that these warm shoes were invented by the peoples of the Far North. Remember the good old cartoon about the Snow Queen, where the brave inhabitants of the north walk around in just such shoes. Imagination immediately draws a team of huskies and endless snows, probably this very plot inspired the designers. They wanted to emphasize the contrast of feminine tenderness, fragility, beauty and a few rough non-standard shoes.

Fashionable models for the winter 2021-2022

As already mentioned, real fur boots are sewn from camus, but where to find so many deer if boots were at their peak of popularity? Therefore, the designers decided to simplify their task and preserve the population of horned beauties. Modern women's high fur boots are sewn from almost any natural and sometimes even artificial fur.

Fashion 2021-2022 does not impose strict restrictions. The trend is still high models, identical in design and texture with other elements of clothing: knitted dresses, sweaters, etc. girls in high, very fluffy fur boots and restrained to the middle of their calves also defile on the catwalks.

Most likely, such a variety is due to the fact that not every young lady is suitable for classic models; when choosing, you need to take into account the physique and general style of clothing. The only limitation: beads, rhinestones and sequins, the designers decided to exclude them from the range of decorations for fur boots in the new season.

What to wear with high fur boots: the right combinations

These shoes are uniquely combined with all kinds of knitted things, especially those that demonstrate legs. It can be short dresses under the belt and even leotards. The most spectacular and elegant combination is white high fur boots with a white top. Fur boots are designed to accentuate the slimness of your legs, so don't wear them in combination with wide pants or midi skirts. A definite "yes" to tight leggings, trousers and tights (weather permitting).

High boots cannot be a separate part of the image, they must be in harmony with the general ensemble in terms of colors and, preferably, in the structure of fur. Feel free to combine them with jackets, knitted, fur and woolen coats. If you do not plan to walk for hours in the cold, you can try on the ensemble with a short stylish jacket and shorts.

Less defiant women's boots with sheared fur with heels can be worn in autumn in combination with knitted dresses and short jackets. Moreover, there is an unspoken rule: the more attention is attracted to fur boots, the less variety of decorations should be on other elements of clothing (sequins, sequins, etc.)

As for hats, in autumn it can be caps and hats, and in winter - chic fur earflaps or knitted hats.

Designers propose to combine the incompatible at first glance, namely: fluffy boots with dresses, blouses and skirts made of thin flying summer fabrics. This contrast gives the image tenderness and femininity.

Those who want to visually lengthen their legs should try on a fashionable autumn combination: short fur boots under black tights and a tunic. Designers are shocked by the combination of fashionable shoes with fur skirts, and more discreet ladies are offered clothes edged with fur stripes.

As for the combinations taking into account the peculiarities of the figure, it is better for women of fashion that are too thin to opt for models with sheared fur. The same applies to miniature young ladies, on whom huge boots look ridiculous, they should choose cropped fur boots with a "haircut". When overweight, fluffy boots can visually add volume.

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How to choose the right fur boots?

The price of high-quality fur women's high boots is by no means democratic. To avoid wasting money, take into account the tips for choosing fur boots. Inspect the fur, make sure that it is thick, dense, not felled or crumbled, and after compression it quickly straightens. Shoes should not emit the smell of rancid fat, if you smell it, then the dressing was done incorrectly. If you run with a damp hand or cloth, there should be no trace of paint.

It is advisable to give preference to natural fur, which will allow the foot to breathe and at the same time will perfectly warm you. Make sure the sole is secure and thick enough. Pay attention to the quality of the seams, they should not be interrupted. Pay attention to the lining, it is good if it is made of a warm natural material, for example, sheepskin.

Features of care and socks

High fur boots need to be looked after like any other fur thing. Try not to wear them in thaw and rainy weather, soaked fur loses its luster after drying. Purchase special fur care and cleaning sprays to care for them. When sending your shoes into hibernation, give them the correct shape by placing cardboard inside and do not forget about moth repellent. Store your favorite boots in cardboard boxes, not plastic.

If your boots get dirty, wait until the fur is dry and only then start cleaning it. Do not use alcohol-based care products, otherwise the product will tarnish, and do not resort to aggressive drying.

Vivid photos from designer shows demonstrate bold decisions, it is up to you to apply them or not. As you can see, fashionable fur boots do not always call for shocking, they can look quite stylish and feminine.