Women's joggers: looking for stylish combinations

Women's clothing has long been distinguished not only by style and beauty, but also by comfort. Comfortable, non-hindering wardrobe items allow you to create fashionable looks. Joggers have taken a worthy position in the wardrobe of fashionistas thanks to their original, but at the same time comfortable cut.

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So, let's proceed to a detailed review of the fashionable novelty.

Joggers: what are they?

These comfortable trousers are found in one form or another in almost every women's wardrobe. Their initial purpose is sports. More specifically, the pants were designed for jogging, which in English sounds like "jog". This word became the basis for the name of this model.

The appearance of the joggers is a loose pants, tapering downward. Their distinctive feature is the presence of a wide elastic band on the waist and on the cuffs of the legs, as well as the repetition of the structure of the human body. The presence of cut-in pockets makes an additional difference from other models. Most often there are small beveled pockets in which the most necessary things are placed.

Let's figure out how joggers differ from sports trousers.

  1. The fabric being used. Modern varieties of these pants are made from a wide variety of materials: from thin summer fabric to dense denim or suit fabric. Sweatpants are often made from twill, which is resistant to deformation and damage.
  2. Registration. Fashionable joggers are decorated with rhinestones, often several colors are used in one model. But the focus is on the bottom elastic. It is made deliberately wide or completely invisible, this helps to drape the legs beautifully, as well as combine trousers with stiletto heels.

When comparing photo-fashionable variations and classic joggers, you can sometimes not find similarities, so harmoniously they fit into different images.

Varieties of trousers

There are a large number of varieties of jogger trousers, the main difference is the material from which they are sewn. Knitted models are reminiscent of sportswear, and are more appropriate in everyday outfits.

Summer options are made of light fabrics that will help to cope with hot weather: chiffon, cambric. The harmoniously selected top of the outfit will emphasize their relevance in the image.

Fashionable trousers stand out with a combination of contrasting colors of the material, they even combine different materials in one product, for example, cotton and lace, leather and dense knitwear.

There is also a variety of joggers made of dense suiting fabrics that perfectly keep their shape and are suitable for a formal look.

Rules of selection for different shapes

It is believed that this type of product is suitable for any type of shape... It's a delusion. The model is suitable for thin and slender girls. For the rest of the types, you should adhere to the rules so as not to spoil your appearance.

  1. Girls with a "triangle" figure can safely use joggers, they will visually add volume to the hips, than make the figure an hourglass shape.
  2. For girls with a proportional ideal figure, pants can turn it into a "pear". To prevent this from happening, you need to select models with stripes or a vertically arranged pattern.
  3. Pants made of thick fabric are perfect for girls with a lush bust and narrow hips. You should opt for a cut with a narrow elastic at the belt, which clearly defines the waist line.
  4. Short girls should give preference to varieties of products with a narrow elastic at the bottom.

And one more recommendation suitable for everyone: if narrow women's joggers are chosen, then they should be combined with the maximum closed top, so as not to create a sporty image (if this is not your goal).

Where is it appropriate to wear joggers and what to wear with them?

What to wear with a fashionable product? It all depends on the specific situation, as well as on the sense of proportion and taste. For womens joggers, as opposed to mens, there are fewer restrictions and requirements.

In everyday life with trousers, you can create sports images and images in the direction of casual. Long T-shirts, wide sweaters, and other oversized clothing items will perfectly complement this model of pants. Don't be afraid to add accessories. They are able to change the image beyond recognition.

In the selection of matching things, you need to adhere to minimalism and simplify the image as much as possible, or vice versa, make it multi-layered and loaded.

Among all the models, it is worth highlighting two-layer joggers, which are interesting in themselves, so a simple top and suitable shoes are selected for them: on a flat sole, with lacing.

At official and ceremonial events, women's joggers are appropriate, if as far as possible away from sports style. This will help a variety of decor, dense material in a neutral color. High-heeled shoes are also required. With a handbag, you can choose a voluminous clutch that matches the color of shoes or joggers.

Fashionable women's models 2021/2022

In 2021, women's camouflage trousers are popular, which visually increase the length of the legs. It is worth paying attention to other colors: geometric, floral, with ethnic motives.

Fashionable cut differs from the usual cut by the presence of a wide elastic band on the legs. It reaches the middle of the lower leg, thereby emphasizing the slenderness of the female legs. You need to wear this style of trousers with high-heeled shoes or heels.

Tall girls can look at cropped joggers. This length makes the pants original.

If you decide to buy, there are main rules that should be followed when choosing women's pants.

  1. Perfect fit for the leg.
  2. Emphasizing the dignity of the figure.
  3. Hiding figure flaws.

Observing them, you will look stylish and unforgettable.