Women's trousers with stripes - stylish trend 2021-2022!

One of the trends that will not lose their relevance in 2021 is again women's trousers with stripes. Despite the fact that many bloggers consider them a controversial trend, they are firmly entrenched in the wardrobes of fashionistas. What model to choose this year, what color and what to combine with, read on.

The exciting story of trousers with stripes

For the first time stripes - vertical stripes of a contrasting color - appeared on military uniforms. By their color it was possible to determine the type of troops. Then three white stripes became the hallmark of the sports company Adidas, getting a place in the women's wardrobe.

For the first time, trousers with stripes appeared on the catwalks thanks to the fashion brand Chloe. With the light hand of Claire Waite Keller, now the stripes can be seen not only in gyms, but also in restaurants, at stellar parties and high-profile premieres.

So, trousers are of different lengths, sewn from different fabrics, the strips themselves can be of different widths. This season, stripes have even appeared on jeans.

Current models and colors in 2021/2022

If you are going to include stripes in your wardrobe, be extremely careful when choosing the details of the image. Don't just grab your old sweatpants, you're unlikely to get a fashionable look. So, which models are especially relevant now.

  1. This season, the fashion industry gave us trousers with floor stripes. They look very feminine and bold. The main thing is not to wear it with sneakers and other unadapted sports shoes.
  2. This fashion season is a season of contrasts, so cropped trousers are another super hot trend. Depending on the material of performance, it will suit girls with a more sporty or more urban style. This model is a little less demanding on footwear, although frankly sports shoes are definitely bad manners.
  3. Wide trousers will give a romantic or business look. Models can be either long or short, expanding from the knee or from the hip - so any girl can find her own version.
  4. Jeans with side stripes in a different material or rhinestone will set you apart from the crowd at the party. Jeans, as a rule, tapered to the bottom, depending on the event, allow you to wear heels or more democratic wedge shoes.
  5. The undoubted trend of this spring is leather pants with stripes. Colors for such models should be chosen calm and not very contrasting. From shoes, you can choose a high heel (and the top should not be tight, otherwise you get "you know what"), or flat-soled boots.

Designers do not skimp on textures, fabrics and colors, so forget about jersey pants.

Fashionable colors

As for the color, the classic colors are still relevant - black, gray beige and white.

Black with white stripes or white and black trousers are one of the timeless hits of the season. The combination of gray and black or beige looks stylish. Lamps can be either in the form of solid strips of the same fabric, or original ones - for example, from lace.

A contrasting combination of red and white, as well as almost any other bright colors, will color the year 2022.

Silver and gold are now in vogue. Silver and gold trousers with stripes in dark shades are perfect for a social event. Jeans with silver or gold stripes on the sides will also organically blend into your wardrobe.

Note the multicolored stripes against a black or blue background. On such models, stripes are sewn in two or three rows and can combine up to three colors.

What to wear to look stylish?

For a business style look, combine classic women's trousers with stripes with light blouses and jackets. If the color of the stripes is combined with the color of the jacket, this combination will also stretch the figure and make you slimmer.

For feminine looks, choose silk options, they will make you more sophisticated and elegant.


If you prefer smart casual, match trousers with side stripes with a loose sweater or light jumper. Another option is tight-fitting models with a leather jacket and blouse.

An embroidered bomber jacket or an extra-long cardigan will help you create a sport-chic look.

The most daring and daring fashionistas can combine stripes with lace tops, corsets and platform sneakers.

If it's cool outside, feel free to wear with narrow models a sheepskin coat or oversized coat, as well as ankle boots in the color of stripes.

Who should wear trousers with stripes?

Everyone, if you choose the right model and length.

Slender girls fit tight tight trousers with side stripes. Full ladies should take a closer look at products made of soft fabrics and an elastic belt. Side stripes perfectly hide some figure flaws and visually stretch their owner, especially in combination with a high heel.

Ultra-long and wide trousers that cover high heels are perfect for short girls. The straight fit is versatile and will suit any type of figure.

Make up your mind, and this season you will definitely find your trousers with stripes!